InDesign FX: Creating a rusted effect

Published by | Thursday, June 20th, 2013

Sometimes you want to make things look all new and shiny; other times you might want a design that looks weathered and beaten up. So in this week’s InDesign FX video, I show how to create the look of rusted metal in Adobe InDesign.

Figure 1


Let’s get started.

Figure 2

The effect is built from two stacked copies of outlined text. In the top copy, a gray fill is first enhanced with some gritty brown texture courtesy of Inner Glow with Noise.


Figure 3


And then the Satin effect is used to apply the texture unevenly, creating a nice, organic feel.

Figure 4

A second copy of the outlined text contributes even more grit via Inner Glow with Noise.

Figure 5

And setting the top copy of outlines to the Overlay blend mode and giving it a thick brown stroke enhances the contrast and sense of depth to give us our finished effect.

Figure 6

I also have a member-exclusive movie in the library this week called Creating Sparkle. It’s what the rusty text might have looked like long ago, before it was left out in the rain too many times.

Figure 7

See you here again in two weeks with more InDesign FX!

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