Monday Productivity Pointers: Measuring influence with Klout

Published by | Monday, May 20th, 2013

How much do you drive your social media contacts to act? To comment? To discuss, retweet, and share?

Klout is a web app that measures your online “clout”—that is, how influential you are on your social media contacts. You sign up for Klout, connect to all your social networks, and Klout gives you a number between 1 and 100 ranking your online social clout. A 1 would be a user who signed up for a service, but never used it. A 100 might apply to a well-known personality like Kim Kardashian. Your Klout score is always fluctuating based on your online activity (i.e., engaging, commenting, tweeting, and responding), which Klout refers to as “signals.” The score that Klout generates from these signals indicates how influential you are to your followers and friends.

In the first video, I offer some reasons why you might be interested in knowing your Klout score, and show you how to get your social media accounts connected to Klout to start measuring your score.


In the second video, I demonstrate how to increase your chances of getting fun perks from Klout. Perks are a brand’s way of thanking you for your influence, and Klout gives them out for high-scoring individuals. Examples of Klout perks include discounts, free merchandise, exclusive events and much more. You don’t necessarily have to have a high Klout score to earn perks, however–you simply have to do what you’re already doing: talking about things you love.

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