Practice your photography in a new weekly series with Ben Long

Published by | Friday, May 17th, 2013

Ben Long - The Practicing Photographer

They say practice makes perfect, though my experience with the piano contradicts that. Still, there’s no question that practice makes you better. Getting out of your comfort zone and pushing yourself in new directions is a great way to learn and discover more creative options.

With this in mind, we introduce a weekly series aimed at helping you grow as a photographer. Hosted by Ben Long, the series is called The Practicing Photographer. Each week, Ben will examine a different aspect of photography. Some weeks will focus on tools, such as a piece of camera gear or a noteworthy new mobile app. Other weeks will focus on technique, like creative ways to work with light and reflections, or the benefits of shooting with a prime lens instead of a zoom.

The topics vary but the goal is the same: to help you broaden your photographic horizons by trying new tools and taking pictures that you might not otherwise take.

In the first installment, Ben shows you how to choose a camera. This isn’t a look at features and specifications, but at the importance of a test drive: handling a camera before you buy to make sure you’re comfortable with it. How bright is the viewfinder? Are the controls comfortable? How does the camera feel in your hands? Are its menus easy to navigate? These and other important shopping considerations often get ignored in the era of online shopping.

Ben is the author of 19 courses in the library, with more on the way. The Practicing Photographer brings his insight and wit to you every Thursday. We hope you like it, and we welcome your feedback in the comments field below.

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3 Responses to “Practice your photography in a new weekly series with Ben Long”

  1. Tim Tapio says:

    My subscription is one of the deals I have!

  2. Ben Long is a master not only in photography, but also as a teacher.
    He knows how to inspire and share knowledge. I started to shoot last fall and with his help, and Lynda, looks where I got.

    thanks Ben, for a teacher to another,

    - mike

  3. diego menabrito says:

    this is great, i love the way Mr Long teaches photography, I have watched pretty much all his video trainning and I think is wonderful having a new leasson every week

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