InDesign FX: How to create interesting text effects in InDesign

Published by | Thursday, February 28th, 2013

In this week’s InDesign FX video, I show you how to create a variety of interesting text effects using paragraph rules within Adobe InDesign.

Examples of the different text effects you can create in  InDesign

Some of the effects are achieved by using combinations of Rule Above and Rule Below on the same paragraph. That’s how to create something like the double-dotted rule, which isn’t among the choices you’ll find in the Paragraph Rules dialog box (where you can apply a double rule, or a dotted rule, but not both).

Examples of the Rule Above and Rule Below options

And I show how easy it is to create rounded rules that automatically fit the width of a line of text, by using a dotted rule with a matching gap color.

Easily create rounded rules that fit the full width of your text

A gap color also comes in handy for things like alternating rules, where each letter sits in its own colored box.

A gap color comes in handy for alternating rules

Once you get the hang of these techniques, you can make almost an unlimited number of creative effects for your text.

I also have a member-exclusive video in the library this week called Putting curved shadows on paper, which shows you how to quickly and easily create perfectly centered type on any curve. Putting type on a curved path is easy, but you might find it’s not so easy to get it perfectly centered, until you learn this simple trick.

Easily center type on a curve

See you here again in two weeks with another InDesign effect!

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