Now you can share playlists!

Published by | Wednesday, February 27th, 2013

We hope you have had a chance to organize courses you want to watch into playlists. We’ve expanded this feature, and now you can share your playlists too (and create an unlimited number of playlists!). Give your playlist a name and description, and then email a link to your friends and colleagues or post it to Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. Share playlists to help others follow the same path, recommend a list, or to show what you’ve accomplished.

Creating a playlist

Get started by creating a new playlist. Make sure you’re logged in to your account, and then add courses to a new or existing playlist from the flyout menu on the + button. Create new playlists on the spot when you select add to a new playlist… from the flyout menu or select go to playlists to view and manage all of your playlists.

Sharing a playlist

Go to your playlists page by selecting playlists from my courses in the black bar at the top of any page. Choose which playlist you want to share, and then click edit near the playlist name to add an optional description for the people you’re sharing it with.

Check the box next to share and we’ll generate a unique public URL for your playlist.

Decide to share your playlist and generate a unique URL for it

Then choose how you want to share your playlists: use the email, link, Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn icon to share your playlist with your friends and colleagues.

Share your playlist in an email, with a link, or on your social network


Receiving a playlist

Click the playlist link, either from an email or a link posted on a social network. If you’re already a member of, simply save this playlist or add some of the courses to a different playlist.

Save the playlist and start learning!

If you aren’t a member, start a free trial to save the playlist and start learning right away.

Start a free trial and save the playlist


You can find your saved playlists by selecting playlists from my courses in the black bar at the top of any page.

Find you playlists in the my courses menu


Once you save a playlist, you can reprioritize the courses in that playlist, remove courses, and even add more courses. Check out this blog post for more information about managing your playlists.

Get started watching the courses in your playlists right away—and pass on the playlist to your friends and colleagues who might be interested in the same courses. Or, recommend a different playlist you’ve created.

To learn more about sharing playlists, watch Garrick Chow demonstrate how to share, receive, and save a playlist in the video Sharing your playlists from the How to use course.

We want to hear from you!

Let us know how you’re sharing playlists and who you’re sharing them with. Leave a comment here or contact us via the blue site feedback button in the bottom right corner of any page.

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10 Responses to “Now you can share playlists!”

  1. [...] From DSC:, an excellent resource, now uses digital playlists. [...]

  2. Tim Nardoni says:

    I *LOVE*, and this feature is a great idea! It would be especially helpful, for my team, if (a) we could pick and choose sections rather than whole courses, so we can “streamline” the learning process around our specific needs; and (b) if it would work with our site license configuration–which, in our case, does not allow us to login manually.

  3. Ryan says:

    Seconded, Tim. Adding sections to playlists, rather than entire courses, would be ideal.

  4. Shane says:

    I was really excited about this feature, but not being able to make a playlist from sections of a course is a deal breaker. As an educator, I use in to support my Uni courses, but would only need students to access sections and not an entire course…

  5. Scott Joyner says:

    Playlists are great, but I would prefer to create ‘tracks’ instead of ‘albums’. Please add the ability to select sections.

  6. Clark says:

    I used to send Lynda links around to my very large family to help them with technical issues. I stopped doing it for two reasons: a) They don’t have a subscription and have never been inclined to sign up and b) even if they sign up, there’s not affiliate fee (so little incentive for me to prod them to sign up).

    If you brought back the affiliate/referral fee AND allowed playlists to contain sections (as everyone above has mentioned) I’d be one of your biggest advocates. If you then converted the Video2Brain Android App to contain branding and, more importantly, include the full catalog, you’d be unstoppable!!

  7. Thanks for all the great feedback! Our web team is keeping note and will have all this in mind as we continue to improve, and the playlist feature in particular.

  8. Engr.salihu says:

    please how can i download my exercise file of my courses because learning online is too expensive

    • Hi- course exercise files are downloadable for Premium members- just click the “Exercise Files” tab in any course page if you’ve got a Premium account and you should have access to download them.

      • Josh Bobb says:

        …unless you’re a MONTHLY “Premium” member trying to download on an iOS device. In that case, the higher monthly fee $37.50/month vs. $375/yr annual payment ($31.25/month) means you CANNOT download the courses or exercise files.

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