Deke’s Techniques: Drawing an ISOTYPE couple in love

Published by | Tuesday, January 29th, 2013

Get a jump on Valentine’s Day by building custom artwork for your valentine in Adobe Illustrator! Building on the last technique, this week’s installment of Deke’s Techniques shows how to create the very picture of a couple in love—in pictogram form, of course. Learn how to combine your finished ISOTYPE figures (based on the picture language of the same name designed by Otto and Marie Neurath in 1935) and have them join hands. Follow along with Deke in this week’s free video and use the companion text below to help with each step.

1. Refer to Building a universal ISOTYPE man with strokes in the library to create your ISOTYPE figures from scratch, or just use Deke’s exercise file if you are a premium member.

2. First, select the man’s left arm and use the Appearance panel to bend the arm outward, increasing the Vertical Scale, Move, and Angles values in the Transform Effect dialog.

Use the Transform effect to bend the arm

3. Duplicate the white underarm stroke and adjust its Scale, Move, and Angle values.

4. Next, adjust the shoulder by modifying the Scale property, and move it slightly left with Transform Effect.

5. Use the Move command to move the two figures closer to each other.

Use the Move command to move the two figures closer together.

6. Copy the fill (the head) to start creating the heart shape. Move it between the figures.

7. Create a duplicate of the red circle and move it to the right to complete the top half of the heart.

8. Click Add New Stroke and choose an arrowhead effect (resizing it with Scale and Distort & Transform) to start the bottom half of the heart.

Creating the heart illustration in Adobe Illustrator

9. Create additional strokes to fill the heart.

10. Expand the effect to make the artwork easier to work with.

11. Use the Pathfinder > Merge command to combine all the paths.

12. Finally, delete any remaining empty paths.

The finished artwork

Tune in next week, when Deke takes up with a couple of other universal symbols and combines them into a series of Andy Warhol–like silkscreen treatments. Members of can view the entire Deke’s Techniques collection here.

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