InDesign Secrets: Using the Gravity setting to simulate perspective

Published by | Thursday, December 6th, 2012

In this week’s free InDesign Secrets episode, David Blatner reveals how to use the Gravity setting for Type on a Path in order to simulate perspective. The key is to create a handle-like arm of your path that you can use to manipulate the center of the path, because it’s the center that determines the faux perspective of the type.

Using the Gravity setting for Type on a Path

Moving the end point of the angled line shifts the perspective of the type. Given that Adobe InDesign doesn’t have a true perspective ability like Illustrator, this is a pretty cool workaround if you need something quickly and InDesign native.

For members of, David’s partner in InDesign Secrecy has an exclusive video this week called Fixing the overflow text problem in EPUB.

David and Anne-Marie will be back in two weeks with more InDesign Secrets.

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