InDesign Secrets: Customizing the Story Editor preferences

Published by | Thursday, November 22nd, 2012

In this week’s free InDesign Secrets episode, Anne-Marie Concepción reveals the secrets of the Story Editor and how to set preferences to make it even more useful.

The Adobe InDesign Story Editor gives you a view of the text of a given frame or series of threaded frames, with no distractions from layout or formatting. For instance, if some crazy person decided to set text in this headache-inducing way:

InDesign Story Editor Example

You could view the text in the Story Editor in this much more readable format:

InDesign Story Editor View and Preferences

In the video, Anne-Marie describes the Preferences settings you can choose to set the text, background, and cursor to your liking. It’s a great way to remove text from a complicated surrounding so you can concentrate on the words.

Meanwhile, Anne-Marie’s partner in InDesign secrecy, David Blatner, has an exclusive video for members called Setting the size of text exactly with this free script that shows how to use a special script to control the exact size of your text.

Anne-Marie and David will be back in two week’s with more InDesign Secrets.

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