NYTimes.com: More workers seeking training

Published by | Friday, September 21st, 2012

According to a print and online New York Times article this week, more and more workers—from mechanics to librarians to doctors—are turning to lynda.com and other training sources to stay competitive in their careers.

“The need to constantly adapt is the new reality for many workers, well beyond the information technology business,” writes author Shaila Dewan in the Sept. 21 Business Day story To Stay Relevant in a Career, Workers Train Nonstop. “Going back to school for months or years is not realistic for many workers, who are often left to figure out for themselves what new skills will make them more valuable, or just keep them from obsolescence. In their quest to occupy a valuable niche, they are turning to bite-size instructional videos, peer-to-peer forums and virtual college courses.”

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2 Responses to “NYTimes.com: More workers seeking training”

  1. Jeremy Hawes says:

    This is what eventually caused me to do theme development. The market was very competitive and many entry level jobs required skills I hadn’t built in school, so I just taught myself on this site as well as just staying in tune with several blog feeds. Though, this didn’t land me a great job, it just caused me to realize how much I love working for myself and so I started a company. Not looking back either – skills I gain here are more valuable than any collegiate course I’ve taken.

  2. Joanne says:

    Totally agree – you’re going to hear a lot of whooshing going by your ears unless you keep up

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