WordPress 3.4 update to WordPress 3: Building Child Themes course

Published by | Monday, July 9th, 2012

With the update of WordPress to version 3.4 came some important feature improvements that changed the way certain key components work, including how the header image and background functionality are implemented. This in turn can mean some of the old methods of making changes to WordPress elements suddenly won’t work anymore if you’re trying to apply old code techniques within the new and improved WordPress 3.4 environment.

The issue

Recent WordPress 3.4 upgrades to stock WordPress themes have made a previously well functioning component in my WordPress 3: Building Child Themes course currently non-functional.

Specifically, in movie 2.3 (Creating a functions file and changing the header image size) I instruct the viewer to redefine the height and width of the header image using the following code in a child theme functions.php file:

Unfortunately, with the new implementation of the header-image function, this no longer works. A new filter function is needed.

The fix

To get the result you want without messing things up in the process, a modified version of the code above is necessary. So, to resize the header image in a WordPress 3.4 Twenty Ten child theme you use the following code:

An update is imminent

We are hard at work rolling out an update to the WordPress 3: Building Child Themes course to bring it in-line with the new WordPress 3.4 version of Twenty Ten. Until then, using the code above should solve the problem.

Do you have other WordPress 3.4 questions? Feel free to ask them here and I will do his best to get back to you as soon as possible.


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6 Responses to “WordPress 3.4 update to WordPress 3: Building Child Themes course”

  1. Kc says:

    Thank you so much for posting this! I am 95% done creating a new child theme for my husband’s blog and was using your instructions and the twentyten theme. I’m doing it locally and hadn’t rushed to do the upgrade so knowing this is going to cause a problem before it does — really helps! Thank you! Look forward to the revised course!

  2. Matthew says:

    There seem to be a growing number of issues with the most recent release. I’ve started a new WordPress site locally through MAMP and when it comes time to begin adding plug-ins, it fails to connect to FTP Server. I’ve been through countless forums, most suggesting changes to WordPress file permissions, others suggesting changing sharing options in the system settings and yet others still recommending modifications to the wp-config.php. None of which I have the knowledge about to understand what repercussions there might be with the changes. I’ll add a few links to the forums I referenced and I hope this can be addressed in a video update.


    and one of the more interesting ones that actually give reasons as to why some ways are more detrimental than others:


    But alas… I’m still very new to WordPress and the above methods are over my head, so I’m counting of Lynda and her team to help illuminate me and countless others to remedy our frustrations. Thanks.

  3. Joe Hummel says:

    Thanks for posting this! I have been reviewing my work for a couple hours before I finally started searching for such a version change issue. It would be helpful if this was posted somewhere on the FAQ for this course. It was save some time for others trying to sort out what the did wrong.

  4. With 3.4 how do you create multiple footers.

    • Morten Rand-Hendriksen, lynda.com author says:

      @Patricia: If you mean creating several different footer templates to be called on different pages it is done by creating different template files with names like footer-main.php, footer-blog.php etc and then calling them using the get_footer(‘main’); or get_footer(‘blog’); with the variable corresponding to the file name. You can read more about it in the WordPress Codex article on the get_footer(); function. There is also a movie in the Child Themes course on the topic.

  5. Jeremy Hawes says:

    Great video. Ever since I’ve watched this I’ve been dodging creating new themes every time I have a small project and just making quick child themes of twenty-eleven… they look great still and lots of great functionality is there.

    Thanks again :)

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