Introducing the new AutoCAD Essentials series

Published by | Sunday, June 17th, 2012

If you haven’t noticed, we’ve been releasing a number of short AutoCAD courses lately. These AutoCAD series courses are part of a new series we’ve developed called AutoCAD Essentials, which is designed to break up a traditional Essential Training course into smaller, more modular chunks. Shorter, frequently posted courses allow us to be more flexible in how we present the essentials of a large software package like AutoCAD. It’s also a way for us to offer you a more flexible way of learning.

Throughout the AutoCAD Essentials series, Jeff Bartels walks you through a modular approach to the massive AutoCAD application, touching on everything from 2D and 3D CAD design, to architectural drawing and engineering projects. The learning path is broken up into six small courses, each with a duration lasting no longer than an hour or two. Those who want to learn everything can simply start at the first course and work their way through to the end. Those who are specifically interested in learning one small, or specific, part of AutoCAD, can choose to jump in at anytime and watch the course that matters to them the most.

Right now, we have three of the six AutoCAD Essentials courses in the library. The first course, AutoCAD Essentials 1: Interface and Drawing Management, begins with a tour of AutoCAD’s interface and the tools used to view drawings. After that, AutoCAD Essentials 2: Drawing Fundamentals goes through the basics of actually creating your own drawings from scratch. Our third installment in the series, AutoCAD Essentials 3: Editing and Organizing Drawings, concentrates on the Autodesk AutoCAD tools and features dedicated to organizing and editing geometry.

In this video titled Creating a rotational array from chapter three of AutoCAD Essentials 3: Editing and Organizing Drawings, Jeff shows you how to how to copy geometry in a rotational pattern using the Polar Array command.

We have three more AutoCAD Essentials courses on the way, and if the six course series is well received, we could easily add a few more modules and keep going. We hope you enjoy this new format and find it easy to use. We’re going to be exploring this format for other large software packages as well, so feedback is always appreciated. Let us know what you think in the comments section below, or by using the site feedback button at the bottom right of every single page.


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  1. Jeremy Hawes says:

    Would be awesome to see a SketchUp video in the future too – any plans for that?

  2. Jeremy – We have a Sketchup 8 Essential Training course that has pretty complete coverage of the major features of Sketchup. We also have a few Sketchup rendering courses in the works.

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