Harnessing the productivity of Lotus Notes

Published by | Tuesday, June 12th, 2012

If you’ve been interested in learning Lotus Notes but haven’t been quite sure where to begin, Up and Running with Lotus Notes offers an introduction to the features of Lotus Notes and how to use them, including discussion of the integrated email, database, calendar, and address book features.

In this movie from chapter two of the course, author Jess Stratton digs into the integrated email feature and shows you how to customize your Lotus Notes email inbox to display and sort emails to coincide with your workflow preferences.

Feeling comfortable with email, but looking for a way to speed up your Lotus Notes productivity? Here’s a quick list of Jess’s favorite Lotus Notes keyboard shortcuts:

 Insert key allows you to toggle between read and unread marking for messages

 Ctrl+m creates a blank new e-mail

 Enter closes the open document you’re working on and opens the next document in  your view

 F1 gives you targeted and context-relevant help

 F5 locks your Notes client so you can rest assured your data is safe when you step away from your desk


Whether you just started using Notes for a new job or have been using it for years but never knew how to harness its full potential, this course teaches you the basics you’ll need to use the Sidebar, keep track of calendars and to do’s, and take advantage of Sametime instant messaging and other Notes applications.


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