InDesign Secrets: Importing a custom dictionary

Published by | Thursday, April 12th, 2012

In this week’s free InDesign Secrets video, Anne-Marie Concepcion shows you how to create and import a custom dictionary. Imagine you have a long document filled with specialized words (like Blatner and Concepcion, for instance), you have Dynamic Spelling turned on and you see the ubiquitous red squigglies telling you that you’ve got a whole host of misspelled words. You know they’re not misspelled, they’re just the proper names of your favorite InDesign secret-keepers, and you have no desire to have to tell InDesign that every instance of those names is perfectly OK in your book. The answer is a custom dictionary filled with the words you deem legitimate for your particular document.

The secret is to share a custom dictionary with InDesign. In the free video above, you’ll see how this breaks down into three easy steps:

1. Create your custom word list and save it as a text file.

2. Create a new dictionary based on that list in InDesign’s Preferences dialog box.

3. Import the list using Edit > User Dictionary.

The final step would look like this:

Importing a custom dictionary file into InDesign

Voila, all those red squigglies magically disappear with the power of this InDesign secret. (And, as a bonus, I’ll never accidentally write “Blanter” again.)

Meanwhile, Anne-Marie’s partner in secrecy, David Blatner (not Blanter) has an exclusive video this week for members of the library called Changing document orientation and page size. In this movie David goes beyond the Document Setup feature—which just changes the orientation of your page—to explain how to change the orientation of your whole project, including altering the orientation of your page objects, one page at a time.

David and Anne-Marie will be back in two weeks with more InDesign secrets!


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