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Published by | Thursday, February 9th, 2012

Our new queue feature lets you create a list of courses that interest you, prioritize them, save them for future viewing, and track your course completion progress over time. Want more information about the queue? Watch author Garrick Chow give a demonstration:

Add courses to your queue

Add courses to your queue
Log in to your account. Add a course to your queue with the + button. These + buttons will appear almost everywhere a course title is listed. For more options, click the arrow button to select add to top of queue or go to queue. The first option, add to top of queue, will add this course to the top of your list of stored courses. The second option, go to queue, will take you to the queue page, where you can manage your list.


Find queue on the homepage

Find queue on the homepage


Once you’re logged in, the homepage features the new My courses pod with tabs that show the first five courses in your queue and course history. Note: you must be logged in for queue to appear.


Explore the my courses menu
Explore the My courses menu

The my courses menu is located in the top navigation bar on every page of From the my courses menu you can get to your queue, course history, bookmarks, and certificates of completion.


Manage your queue

Manage your queue


The queue area of can be accessed in three ways:

  1. By selecting go to queue from the arrow button to the right of the + button (see “How to add courses to my queue” section above).
  2. By going to the my courses menu in the top navigation bar on any page.
  3. By selecting the queue tab within the My courses homepage-pod and clicking the view all link at the bottom.

You can prioritize and manage all your courses on the queue page. Drag and drop courses to quickly reorder your list, or type numbers into the priority boxes to chronologically organize your courses in the order you want them to appear. To confirm your reorganization, hit enter/return or click on the update queue button on the bottom left.

We want to know what you think!

Let us know what you think of the new queue by posting in the comments section below, or contact us via the site feedback button in the bottom right corner of every page.

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14 Responses to “Introducing new queue feature”

  1. M.C. says:

    I’ve been hoping for a feature like this for a long time—thank you so much for putting it together! Bookmarking was helpful, but this queue feature is more intuitive and flexible. I can’t wait to start using it. Thanks again for everything you do for customers…

  2. chris says:

    Great feature! But it is weird that clicking on “in Queue” removes it from your queue.

  3. Michael says:

    Very slick feature. I have lots of topics I like to cover, but sometimes it’s tough to recall which ones I have viewed or would like to view. The queue makes it easy. Kind of like a favorites list too.

  4. Sue says:

    I don’t see the +sign to add courses to my queue. Is it right in front of me and I don’t see it? I watched the queue video.

  5. Ann says:

    Thanks for reading my mind. I’ve been wishing for a queue. I would love it if I could keep a queue going even when my account isn’t active. That way I could queue up courses when I read about them in your newsletter. Then when I have several in my queue I would reactivate my subscription for a time.

  6. Jan Kabili says:

    The queue is a terrific new feature, and Garrick explains it so well.

  7. Christina says:

    This really is a great feature!
    I always stumble upon courses I want to watch in the future, and now I will never forget any of them! Bookmarks are okay, but not nearly as intuitive and handy as this queue.
    Thanks for adding this!

  8. reven says:

    this is great…i already have a long list…it would be great to be able to “label” or create some sort of “folder” system to add more organization…already finding it very useful

  9. Eric T says:

    Excellent addition to an already great web site. I’ve now transferred my evernote list into the queue!

  10. Myra says:

    Ditto on the Folder request. I’m loving the Queue and Bookmark system, but it would be even better with folders. Also strange that clicking ‘in queue’ removes the item, I expected it to maybe take me to my queue. Nice new feature overall!

  11. Michael says:

    Love the new Queue feature. One thing I think that should really have is a more defined course structure. Lets say a person wants to become a Print Designer. That person will click that feature and Lynda, will map a out a whole course, and when thats done, an intermediate course is put together. I just wanted to menetion that because I am a frequent user, and I often get distracted and jump all over the place.

  12. Pauleduc says:

    Excellent addition to a great site! Just a thought, it would be great to have the course automatically removed from the queue when the course has been completed (100%)

    And I agree with Michael.. it would be great to have a roadmap for a particular discipline. Say I wanted to learn all about digital video editing.. would be nice to have a list of all courses realted to the topic, arranged in order of suggested watching, from beginner to advanced to master, or whatever.

  13. Susan Rogers says:

    I agree with Ann from Feb. 9 — would love to have a way to queue classes I’m interested in even though my account is not active right now. Would certainly re-activate and take the courses when I had several accumulated, but the thought of sitting down to go through the list of all your courses, trying to remember which one’s I’d seen that were interesting, simply for the purpose of re-activating again, is very daunting and therefore unlikely to happen anytime soon. It’s no different than keeping a grocery list, and would boost your sales to all of us who have been customers in the past and are your best prospects to quickly become your customers again, with little effort on your part.

    Love your company and have recommended your courses to many other people.

  14. Ren says:

    Why isn’t this “Add ot Queue” on the full course page? I find a lot of new courses through your newsletter. The email links take me to the full page and then I have to go back one level, find it in the list, and add it. Seems like the Add button should also be on the course page.

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