InDesign Secrets: Viewing Photoshop layers in InDesign

Published by | Thursday, February 2nd, 2012

In this week’s InDesign Secrets episode, David Blatner reveals how you can leverage Photoshop layer features to provide more immediate flexibility in your InDesign layouts. Using layers in Photoshop is a great way to keep your options open, and the Layers Comp feature allows you to experiment quickly with different combinations of those options. In this free movie, David shows you how you can retain the flexibility of Photoshop layers even after you’ve placed the Photoshop document into your InDesign file.

For example, let’s say David wanted to retaliate for Anne-Marie Concepcion using an image of his head to demonstrate how to add images to a stroke in a previous InDesign Secrets video. He might decide to design the cover of a tell-all book that features a compromising photo of Anne-Marie. By placing a single Photoshop file in InDesign, he retains all three choices and could decide to:

a) give Anne-Marie a charming butterfly barrette created with a Photoshop shape layer:

Viewing Photoshop layers in InDesign example 1

b) Colorize Anne-Marie to a lovely shade of InDesign magenta via a Photoshop Hue/Saturation layer:

Viewing Photoshop layers in InDesign example 2

Or c) both:

Viewing Photoshop layers in InDesign example 3

Regardless, once the Photoshop file is placed, all of David’s revenge options can be accessed from within InDesign.

Over in the Online Training Library®, the forgiving Anne-Marie has another InDesign secret exclusively for members of titled Adding custom HTML tags to EPUB/HTML export. In this video she discusses how the new InDesign CS5.5 feature that allows you to map your InDesign styles to CSS tags works. (Yet another reason to practice style-creation in InDesign!)

Anne-Marie and David will be back in two weeks with more InDesign Secrets. (And who knows what their revenge may be on me.)

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