InDesign Secrets: Making your own motion path for CS5 animations

Published by | Thursday, January 19th, 2012

This week’s free InDesign secret features Anne-Marie Concepcion showing you how to manipulate the animation paths that control your moving objects in InDesign CS5 (and later). If you’ve tried setting motion paths in InDesign before, you know there are some pre-fabricated paths provided for you. Anne-Marie starts by demonstrating how you can easily change those paths with the standard path manipulation tools, namely the Pen tool and Direct Selection tool (aka the “white arrow” tool). Drag out lines to cover more area, add curves and swoops, express yourself in path format, then watch as your designated object dances to life across the screen.

Anne-Marie also discusses how to import a vector-based Bézier curve from another program, like Illustrator, and how to draw your own path from scratch using InDesign

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