Deke’s Techniques: Drawing a Command key symbol in Illustrator

Published by | Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

In this week’s free technique, Deke demonstrates how to create a Command key symbol (⌘) inside Adobe Illustrator. The ⌘ symbol, also known as a Bowen knot, a cloverleaf, or Saint John’s Arms, has come to rest on that handy key on the Mac keyboard. If you find yourself often typing up technical instructions, as Deke has been known to do, you may want a symbol that survives the vagaries of font characters by being an actual graphic. Along the way, you’ll get some basic instruction for how to select, copy, and join paths in Illustrator.

It’s a fairly straightforward process, and even an Illustrator-wary student like me could put the technique to work. One observation—when you drag to duplicate in Illustrator, you must start the drag first, then add the modifier keys: Shift (to constrain the angle) and Alt (Windows)/Opt (Mac) to duplicate the object. Once you create your symbol, Deke shows you how to give it the 3D treatment as I’ve done below.

If you enjoy creating this symbol and you’re a member of the Online Training Library®, Deke has some exclusive videos for drawing other shapes: a house, a gear, and a play button. And of course, members always have access to the whole library of Deke’s Techniques.

We’ll see you back here next week with another technique from Deke that’s free to all.

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  1. Very nice tutorial. As usuall Deke you helped me on my current project, thank you.

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