Bonus features: Mexopolis, Animation Studio

Published by | Wednesday, September 7th, 2011

MAD magazine cartoonist Sergio Aragones and Jorge Gutirrez.

During the filming of the Creative Inspirations:Mexopolis, Animation Studio, artist Jorge Gutierrez told us a compelling story about one of his most important influences as a child, MAD magazine cartoonist Sergio Aragones. Not being able to speak English, Jorge fell in love with Sergio’s wordless cartoons and told his father that this is what he wanted to do when he grew up.

As fate would have it, Jorge’s father went to architecture school with Sergio. His father drove him from Tijuana to ComicCon in San Diego to have Sergio explain to the young Jorge the importance of attending college. And there the story begins.

Twenty-three years had elapsed since they had seen each other, but we were able to arrange an emotional reunion at a quiet spot near the studios. Join us in this latest bonus feature as Sergio reflects on some of the life experiences that have made him one of the most beloved cartoonists of our time.

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