Deke’s Techniques: Capturing your (mythological) monster in motion

Published by | Tuesday, August 9th, 2011

This week, that ever-wily Deke thinks of an ingenious way to cover your Photoshop tracks. If you recall, last week’s techniques (both the free movie and the members-only video inside the Online Training Library®) were about combining photos of three real-world creatures to create one other-worldly one. But as we all know, no missing link photo is ever going to be credible if it’s not noisy, blurry, and oddly exposed. Turns out, the key is to actually shoot an unstable picture of your Photoshop screen with your camera, then add a few more helpings of weird exposure (inside Camera Raw), grain (the noise filter in Photoshop) and more blur (of the Gaussian variety).

Here is Deke’s final photo-documentation of his pseudo creature:

Editor’s note: Deke’s creature was so elusive that I had to experiment using the technique on another mysterious creature “captured” in its natural environment. For my particular version, I used my iPhone set to HDR mode, pointed it at my screen where I’d paused this week’s video, and twirled the phone to make the motion. Still scary, I think. 

Every week there’s a new free technique from Deke. And next week we’ll move from this uncommon creature to a very ordinary Photoshop task: changing the color of a car. And as normal as that sounds, even the everyday task requires good technique. Find out Deke’s technique next week.

Deke’s Techniques 
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