Jim Babbage covers what’s new in Fireworks CS5.1

Published by | Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011

Recently, I asked Fireworks CS5 Essential Training author Jim Babbage to give us a rundown of the changes to Fireworks in Creative Suite 5.5.  I wanted to find out if there were changes that would help make your work lives easier. Here’s what he had to say:

Creative Suite 5.5 has been out for a little while and while Fireworks didn’t receive a 5.5 designation, it did—like Photoshop—get a 5.1 update. Basically what this means is that no new features were added to Fireworks, but there were some under-the-hood tweaks applied to make Fireworks run better, or perform certain tasks more efficiently.

For a complete rundown on the major updates to Fireworks 5.1, check out the Adobe Fireworks Team blog.

Granted, these are all small things, but they add up to some important fixes in Fireworks, and I think they set the development team in good stead for future versions of my favorite web graphics application.

And current CS5 users, never fear! You have not been forgotten. Adobe will be releasing a patch for 5.0 users. This patch will include all of the bug fixes that are going into CS5.1. It will not, however, include the subscription engine that is part of CS5.1, so it will not fully upgrade CS5.0 to CS5.1.

To identify the different builds, you can check the build number. The full CS5.1 internal build number will be 11.1. If you apply the 5.0 patch, the internal build number will be 11.0.1.

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