Final Cut Pro X (FCPX) ships; new features course in production

Published by | Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011

Apple shipped Final Cut Pro X (FCPX) yesterday—and for those of you wondering if will be publishing training for FCPX, the answer is a resounding Yes. Our first course is in production and we are shooting to publish it by the end of July.

This isn’t simply a new updated version with new features—in many ways, Apple is positioning this as a brand new product. As such, existing workflows are likely to be dramatically impacted. We’ll cover all the new features and how existing users will be impacted in our upcoming Migrating from Final Cut Pro 7 to Final Cut Pro X course. Watch for sneak peeks here on our blog as we finish edits. Get more info about FCPX on the Apple web site.

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23 Responses to “Final Cut Pro X (FCPX) ships; new features course in production”

  1. Anker Norup says:

    I am a bit surprised that you will not be releasing a Final Cut Pro X course before the end of July? Usually you are not that far behind and I am very keen to get started with FCPX right away, so it seems like I must start on my own or look elsewhere for training. :-( Is Larry Jordan no longer a part of the team?

    I am a big fan of training and have been a member since 2005 and will continue to be in the future, but I must say I am a little disappointed.

    Kind regards

  2. Balmhanna says:

    im really disappointed to have to wait until the end of July to get the FCP X tutorials. I just paid for the download of FCP X and ripple training are offering their videos online now.

    Very frustrating.

  3. Ted marks says:

    Please hurry ! Your courses are great ! Your instructors are very clear and very professional. Thanks, Ted

  4. @Anker & @Balmhanna: Yes, has established a strong reputation of having training available for new software the day the software releases for just about all the software vendors we cover. The notable exception has always been… Apple. This is because Apple controls access to their pre-release programs very tightly.

    With other software companies, we are able to get access to the beta software many months before they ship the final product. This allows authors to learn the software ahead of time, put it through its paces, find out what’s great, what’s not, etc.

    We also gain access to the “gold master” versions so we can begin recording new video training 6 to 8 weeks before the product ships. That is why we are able to have training available in the Online Training Library™ on the same day.

    We certainly understand your disappointment in having to wait. Rest assured that the team here is working at a heightened pace to record, edit, and publish a new course on FCPX. We are saying by end of July, but we will publish it sooner if possible. Thank you for your patience.

  5. David Fisher says:

    Typical of Apple, isn’t it?

  6. I have just purchased FCP X, I have no problem waiting for the tutorial release, the main thing is the the quality of the tutorial, nothing is gained by rushing out a product that is not up to standard, and according to early reports, FCP X is a perfect example.

  7. Craig Cashman says:

    The most important thing is that the courses are up to your usual professional standards. Please don’t be tempted to rush them just to get them out quickly.

  8. Michael Soileau says:

    Have you read the reviews of FCP(X)? They’ve been brutal thus far. Apples official app store lists it as a 2.5 star product. People who are Apple fans tend to be WAY more hardcore than any other company out there, for any Apple product to get that low of a review must be atrocious.

    To be fair to Apple, part of the problem may be what Michael Ninness is pointing out, that because there’s no training for it and they’ve kept it so tightly sealed up, customers are getting frustrated by something that is a complete rewrite of the program. A lot of the negative reviews seem to be from frustrated customers who don’t like the overhaul, and the pro reviews state that it’s something you need to work with to love.

    It’s hard for me to love it though because it looks like like they killed almost the entire studio suite, and termed it EoL. Reminds me of the fate of Shake.

  9. Tom Geis says:

    Apple policy is correct. Apple is “in control”. By contrast, Microsoft is “out of control”. That is one of the reasons why Apple products work so well – and why products using the Microsoft platforms are generally buggy and unstable. Apple may be “more expensive” up front, but you get what you pay for and the costs associated with errors, driver incompatibilities, bluescreens, viruses, just plain bad OS software (which is constantly being patched), etc. are enormous. A little patience goes a long way and, in the end, it pays off. Isn’t it curious that an iMac can run Windows natively, but Windows cannot run OSX? Isn’t it curious that an iMac can boot in, oh…4 seconds – and a Windows machine boots in – well, go have a meal? I used to be a PC guy. Not any more. I like it when all the devices (iMac, iPad, iPhone, Ipod) play together seamlessly. And remember, Apple invented the PC, whereas Microsoft invented – nothing. Gates stole the basic technologies and I prefer not to reward evildoing.

  10. I’m uneasy about FCPX, I have devoted quite a bit of time in learning Soundtrack Pro and Color and love them both as dedicated editors! I haven’t heard anything about their implementation. I read in one on-line article they’re doing away with color due to some of the advance color correction features available in FCPX.

    There is no substitute for a dedicated editing environment for audio and color grading. I sure hope you guys can shed some light on what’s going on with my suite!

  11. YVAN NAESSENS says:

    At first glance, after installing FCP-X, it looks like … iMovie with some steroids. I’m not so sure that it’s better and more complete than FCP 7.
    Simplicity in use and speed are not always a better option than the more scary interface of FCP 7.
    Hopefully I’m completely wrong and the LYNDA-tutors can convince me of the power of FCP-X
    I’m looking forward to the new courses !
    Thank you in advance.
    LYNDA is great, It’s worth every penny. There’s are simply no better courses than these provided by LYNDA.

  12. Matt Grossman says:

    No new Color or Soundtrack Pro. Lack of dedicated audio mixer is a problem for pro users I know. Lots of cool audio plugins from Logic and other color features are integrated right in FCP X. FCPX sure feels different using it to edit video compared to FCP7.

    And the quality of training is worth the wait, but I needed training now, so I bought the series by Michael Wohl from MacProVideo. He’s another final cut trainer I respect highly. Very, very good training series. I will be back to watch your videos when they are released!

  13. CJ says:

    Thanks for the upcoming FCP X tutorials. Will you also be creating tutorials for the newly released Motion 5? Thanks!

  14. Jeff Hentosz says:

    Can you comment on your schedule for Motion 5 course(s)?

  15. @CJ and @Jeff Hentosz: Yes, we will be updating our course for Motion 5. It is likely to publish after the update to our Final Cut Pro X course. We are working with the author to see if we can publish it earlier, and will do so if we can.

  16. CJ says:

    Great, thanks for the information. I eagerly await the Motion course, it’s such a deep application.

  17. Jeff Hentosz says:

    Thanks, Michael. Looking forward to it.

    (Weird; CJ’s question wasn’t there when I asked mine…)

  18. David Schmidt says:

    What if we are not migrating from Final Cut 7? When will the full training course be available?

  19. @David: Current estimated release date of Final Cut Pro X Essential Training is July 21.

  20. Tom Perignon says:

    The 21st is here! any news?! Looking forward to the tutorial.

  21. @Tom Perignon: QA found some issues when testing the course that we felt needed to be addressed/edited before publishing. New publish date is set for July 27. There is a chance it could finish earlier, but don’t want to promise that. Thank you for your patience. The team knows how important it is to get the course out quickly, but we also want to deliver quality.

    Also, for those of you following this blog post who have been asking about a Motion 5 course as well, the estimated publish date for Motion 5 Essential Training is currently August 5. Will post updates about both courses if anything changes.

  22. Update: Our Final Cut Pro X Essential Training course is now available in the Online Training Library. You can find it here.

  23. Nikon D5100 Reviews says:

    You guys have amazing courses… Any chance of one showing a cool workflow between Final Cut Pro X and Smoke?

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