Deke’s Techniques #20: Creating a ‘talk show’ curtain from thin (Photoshop) air

Published by | Tuesday, May 17th, 2011

One of my favorite flavors of Deke’s Techniques is the project that you can make yourself from nothing but Photoshop. This week, Deke shows you how to create a ‘talk-show’ curtain from pure pixels and a combination of Photoshop filters. This curtain may look familiar, having provided a visually textured background for the 3D pie chart that Deke made during last week’s Techniques episode. This week, Deke shows how he made it, starting with a completely new document, applying the Render > Fiber filter, adding a little blur and some layer effects, and ending up with a set of gently parted curtains that can serve as a background in your own artwork.

In fact, with a few adjustments, I made my own set of graphical curtains using Deke’s technique, minus the layer mask, with a few color and gradient overlay changes, and the addition of a drop shadow.

Each week, in just about ten minutes, Deke shares a new technique designed to get you thinking about how to work in Photoshop or Illustrator. As always, members can access the whole collection here, including some exclusive members-only techniques from Deke. What might you do with this week’s curtain of pixels? What sorts of things would you like to see Deke do in Photoshop or Illustrator techniques in the future?

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