Deke’s Technique’s #18: Creating a 3D pie chart

Published by | Monday, May 2nd, 2011

This week’s free Deke’s Technique acknowledges something you may already know: pie can be tastier in 3D. Author Deke McClelland starts with a classic ingredient, the ability to make pie charts relatively easily in Adobe Illustrator, then kicks it up a notch with the new Repoussé feature in Photoshop CS5 Extended. As you can see below, he starts with a simple black and white segmented circle in Illustrator, imports it into Photoshop Extended, then gives it depth and color with a little transparent effect and some repoussé adjustments.

As you’re enjoying this week’s offering, remember that every week, Deke shares a new technique with everyone, and members can view the full, ever-growing menu of techniques, including some tasty members-only offerings.  And this is something you can create from scratch in your own Illustrator/Photoshop kitchen. Next week, Deke will demonstrate how to modify and move the pieces around for a really enticing effect. Get your piece of Photoshop’s 3D pie (with a little Illustrator thrown in for flavor), and we’ll see you here next week to build on this recipe. It will get you thinking about the things you can cook up with Photoshop’s extruding capabilities in your own project.

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