Chris Coyier helps a print designer learn WordPress

Published by | Monday, April 18th, 2011

We recently received the following via our site feedback form (available at the bottom of every page):

From:  Nancy White, April 7, 2011

Hi. Where can I leave feedback about a particular course? I’ve been taking the best course EVER!

I responded and let her know she could simply use the same form again, click the course feedback button at the bottom of every course page, or simply reply to my email. Here is her more detailed response, which she graciously agreed to let me share here as a blog post:

I have been singing the praises of for many years. It’s hands-down the best learning place online.

I’ve worked in print and online publications for many years. I’ve enjoyed most of the courses I’ve taken at, but often it’s on subjects that I am already quite familiar with, so I’ve picked up some great tips and tricks.

But I’ve known next-to-nothing about WordPress. I’ve always considered it a platform for a personal, mom-and-pop-type blog, something I had no need for. But as you know, WordPress has come a long way! As my clients are getting smarter and more tech savvy, they are demanding web sites that they can easily update themselves. So, I’ve learned the fundaments of Joomla! and WordPress, but was very limited when it came to customization.

Enter Chris Coyier’s course WordPress 3: Creating and Editing Custom Themes! Something I knew nothing about, but definitely wanted to learn.

I gained an incredible amount of knowledge from this course. I’ve been able to convert a rather complicated HTML site into a custom WordPress theme! I am ecstatic!  It did not happen overnight, but it happened. I am happy, and the client is happy!

The lessons in this course are a great reference I keep coming back to. I would be happy to see more from Chris Coyier. He’s very practical and easy to follow.

Thank you again for this and all the other great content from

Loving it!

Nancy White

Thank you for sharing your success story with us, Nancy. It always excites us to hear how our members are applying what they learn from the Online Training Library®. In this day and age, it is so important for designers to start getting comfortable and savvy with designing for multiple mediums. Feel free to share your own stories with us via the site feedback or course feedback buttons, or add a comment below. Yes, we really do read every single one.

Happy learning,

Michael Ninness
VP of Content,

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9 Responses to “Chris Coyier helps a print designer learn WordPress”

  1. I agree with Nancy! I have known of since it was a new site and Lynda was speaking at the HOW Design Conference. The course Creating and Editing Custom WordPress Themes is a invaluable lesson to be learned! Seems like every website project that comes in is requesting a CMS!

  2. I have watched Chris’s course and it is very comprehensive, from the mood board, to the html and css to making the custom theme. I think it is the best course I have seen on so far. Keep up the good work!

  3. Grandma Kc says:

    I could not agree more! Chris’ couse on Creating and Editing Custom WP Themes is absolutely awesome!!! I’ve been using an old WP theme that I modified a bunch before learning about child themes. One huge problem with it was it didn’t do threaded comments. Chris course allowed me to fix that problem and to design a brand new theme for my Granddaughter as a birthday present. I have 3 more days before it goes live and I am thrilled. Thank you Chris!!! Thank you!

  4. CApoppy says:

    I am another fan. And, like Grandma Kc, am bent on helping the world learn that web design and management belongs to all generations. My first website in the early ’90s was for a small nonprofit I worked for. We could not afford outside experts so I learned html from books I got from the library and typed it on Notepad. My passion is designing and managing websites for nonprofits and friends who are artists who cannot afford the price of experts to keep their websites current. WP is a great solution for them and the child theme information was new to me too. I am currently converting two nonprofit websites to WP and learning php on Love it!

  5. Mary says:

    Another big thank you to Chris! I was already a fan from CSS-Tricks and it was great to see him here! I would love to see more from Chris. Watching him code is huge for someone like me who is trying to move from simple HTML/CSS sites to more robust and user/client friendly sites. I strive to be as clean with my code, and watching someone who is mindful of that is extremely helpful. Chris is a natural teacher and makes it all seem so doable.

  6. Martin says:

    Also big thx to Chris for is wordpress corse, and is amazing site css-tricks !!!

  7. Sam says:

    Chris is really one of a kind in screencasting stuff and he has a nice language when explaining things.
    thanks goes to chris a million times

  8. Rob Mehew says:

    It’s great to hear more and more people starting to learn WordPress and when I mean learn I mean getting stuck into the code and developing bits and pieces for themselves. Awesome!

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