Marking the 1,000-course milestone and revisiting the first 24 courses

Published by | Tuesday, April 5th, 2011
No Pixels Harmed!

No Pixels Harmed! is among the first 24 courses in the Online Training Library®. Of the first 24 courses, seven were with co-founder Bruce Heavin, and four were with co-founder Lynda Weinman. They taught one of them together; Learning Photoshop 6 and ImageReady 3 for the Web.

Late last week, we quietly marked a milestone in the Online Training Library®. For the first time ever, our library surpassed the 1,000-course mark.

Time Management Fundamentals is the course that took us into four figures, and perhaps fittingly so. It represents the second of a very new kind of course for While we’ve been known for our software training since 2002, soft skills represent a new direction that we’re exploring to support personal and professional development in and out of the workplace. Both Time Management Fundamentals and Pitching Projects and Products to Executives have been met with high acclaim from our members, and more soft-skills courses are on the way.

By the way, we’d already passed the 1,000 mark for courses published, but have retired a few courses from the library over the years. This is the first time 1,000 courses have been available to members at the same time. Amazingly, our first 24 courses are still in the Online Training Library®. Even though most of the software versions in our first 24 courses have long been superseded by newer versions (or the software shown doesn’t exist any more), it’s astonishing how basic web and graphic design principles never die, no matter what the software or medium. Animation Principles is still a hearty primer for those interested in getting started in animation, and No Pixels Harmed! still has valid lessons on maintaining image integrity. Typographic Principles is just as effective today as a basic introduction to the art of type and letterforms.

Curious about the first courses in our library in 2002? Do you remember watching them way back then? Here’s the list:

Learning Amorphium Pro
Learning After Effects 5
Animation Principles
Learning Mac OS X
Advanced Photoshop 6
Learning Illustrator 9
Learning Photoshop 6
Typographic Principles
Learning Illustrator 10
No Pixels Harmed!
Learning UltraDev 4
Learning Photoshop Elements
Learning QuickTime 5 Pro
Learning Flash 5
Learning Dreamweaver 4
Intermediate Dreamweaver 4
Intermediate Flash 5
Optimizing Flash 5 Content
Learning Fireworks 4
Advanced Flash 5
Learning Photoshop 6 and ImageReady 3 for the Web
Learning Fireworks 3
Learning Dreamweaver 3
Learning Director 8.5
Animation Principles

Animation Principles still maintains basic principles for those interested in animation or motion graphics.

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9 Responses to “Marking the 1,000-course milestone and revisiting the first 24 courses”

  1. Wow that is so cool! I want to watch the animation one. Congratulations and here’s to the next 1000 courses!

  2. Congratulations! Keep them coming. We love you guys over here at UVU’s online aviation program. You provide such a great service in this fast paced world we live in today. Thanks again!

  3. Jae Barclay says:


    I was one of your very first subscribers, and have recommended it to hundreds of others, even when I had the opportunity to teach at SUNY (State University of New York) as a professor of interactive design.

    Congratulations on your amazing — but well deserved — success! I know personally many successful designers and programmers who owe a big part of their growth as a professional to your library.

    Here’s to the next 1,000 courses!!!

    Jae Barclay

  4. Time management training was great. Now I have more time to watch more trainings!

  5. Marco Veliz says:

    I’m new here and loving it. Learning lots, like a kid in a candy factory. Quick observation… the link to the typographic course does not work.

  6. Thanks, all, for the comments! @Marco Veliz – thank you for the heads up about the link; fixed!

  7. Dan Coggins says:

    Congratulations! I’m now in my second year of premium membership and I’m sorry I didn’t start sooner! I talk you up to colleagues and anyone I mentor. Keep it up!

  8. How do you get a picture next to your comment?

  9. @Utah Flight School – Lynda explains how to set up an avatar in an early blog post:

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