Want to be more productive, less stressed out? Then you probably want to meet Dave Crenshaw.

Published by | Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011

As a mom with a full-time job and two young daughters, I am obsessed with time management. But as much as I think about how I must manage my time more effectively, I haven’t always succeeded in coming up with ways to do so. As the pace of work increases, I’ve found myself losing track of important tasks. Inboxes and to-do lists that were supposed to keep me sane have become sources of stress. I’ve struggled to strike a happy balance between work life and family life.

Then I met Dave Crenshaw, author of the upcoming lynda.com course, Time Management Fundamentals. In working with Dave—a time management coach and best-selling author—I realized how ineffective all my obsessing was and how what I really needed was some practical strategies to apply to my work and life. (It became clear something was really wrong when I missed my first scheduled phone call with Dave, of all people. Luckily he’s as understanding as he is organized.)

In Time Management Fundamentals, Dave shares eminently practical techniques for doing more in less time: how to develop habits to be more organized and reduce the clutter in your workspace; how to stay mentally on task and eliminate the to-dos you have floating in your head; how to develop a time budget to get the most done during your workday and focus on your most valuable activities.

Here’s a little preview:

The techniques I’ve picked up from just watching the course in development have made my work more productive and my life less hectic. I’ve even been able to pass Dave’s techniques along to my kids.

We’ll be bringing Dave’s time management strategies to the lynda.com Online Training Library® later this month. In the meantime, I’d love to hear from you about what other kinds of courses we could offer to help you develop the skills you need to succeed in business.

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12 Responses to “Want to be more productive, less stressed out? Then you probably want to meet Dave Crenshaw.”

  1. I’m a student/freelance web designer/mother/maid/cook. I’ve struggled for a long time with time management as a result of having to wear so many hats. I am really excited for this course and hope that it will help me achieve my goals and still have time to be each of those things. Thank you lynda.com for thinking about us mothers and people that need help with time management in addition to the great technology skills you help us keep up with, too.

    I’d also love it if you all would make some courses on web usability, user interface experience, communicating with clients/customers, and business management. That would be great!

    Also, do you know when specifically the course on time management will be released?

  2. Eva Kongs says:

    I’ve been enjoying lynda.com’s courses for over two years now (for web and graphic courses) – but there’s one thing I’ve been looking for and could never find: a basic graphic design course, about the do and don’ts of graphic design. Of course, I found the typography and the how to design a brochure and other related courses – which were very inspiring – but as someone who doesn’t have a graphic designer background, it would be great to be able to start from scratch…

  3. Thank you for the post, Bonnie. It was a blast working with you and the team. I’m very excited for the upcoming release!

  4. MelanieK says:

    Really looking forward to Dave Crenshaws course. I run several businesses. Dave talks about motivation. My problem is prioritisation. So often the things to be done that are most important to me…..like studying on lynda.com get left to last. I need some key rules to help me prioritise and structure. Looking forward to Dave’s course.

  5. Louise Bretz says:

    Bonnie’s headline says, “you probably want to meet” Dave Crenshaw. Well, I have met Dave Crenshaw and he is the bomb. I am currently working through many of his techniques, and although I am struggling, I can feel their usefulness in getting away from my unorganized and over-committed time schedule. His advice is truly “eminently practical” and simple to understand. I highly recommend everyone check out this course when it debuts.

  6. Michael says:

    I would really, really, really love a course on tips for freelancers. Things that cover all the problems like:

    * How do you deal with a trouble client that keeps changing his or her mind?
    * What do you need in a contract?
    * How should you handle how much you get paid up front? What are reasonable fees? How do you determine what the market is for a service?
    * What can you write off as personal expenditures?
    * How many projects should you undertake at once?
    * How do you determine how long a project will take?
    * What is everything you should ask a potential client on the first meeting? What things should be discussed later?

  7. @Jennifer, the course is due to release end of next week. @MelanieK, in his course, Dave shares techniques for defining what’s most important to you and making time for those things. I look forward to hearing what you all think once you’ve seen the course!

  8. Sherrie G says:

    I’m also really looking forward to this course. Bring it on!

  9. Liz Fenwick says:

    This is going to be a fantastic course! I’m looking forward to it.

    I would love to see some courses on client relations (maybe a chapter on contracts and getting a client to stick to them, etc) and maybe some on Intellectual Property Law. Its something we ALL have to deal with at some point, so getting some in-depth training on it would clear up a lot of questions and issues.

    Thanks a bunch, I’m looking forward to spending many many more hours “geeking out” on lynda.com and actually getting something done!

  10. Matt Tuttle says:

    I agree with Eva Kong, I think there should be a graphic design theory course. It should explain the fundamentals of design practice in order for the student to understand what works and what doesn’t. I come from a digital media background but have an interest in graphic design, I think it would be great to combine the technical skills that you teach with graphic design theory.

  11. @Eva I totally agree with you, Eva. And I think many other members feel the same way. I’m talking to some exciting authors about just such a Design Fundamentals course right now. Appreciate your input!

  12. Golly says:

    When I read about this course in the newsletter, I dropped all my work for that day and “took” it. Dave makes things clear and easy to implement. I am an artist-ceramist, taking web-designcourses and a full life besides this. Honestly, for the first time in years I feel I am now setting up a filling/organising system that is going to be right for me and most important, I will be able to keep up. Also, my house and studio are already looking better and I can see how to further improve things because of the “gathering” points. Really, this is for me a life-changing thing.

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