Remembering Doyald Young, 1926-2011

Published by | Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011

Doyald at his drafting table.

All of us at are mourning the loss of a true inspiration and magnanimous talent, Doyald Young. We were so fortunate to have worked with Doyald in 2010 to create one of our recent Creative Inspirations documentaries, Doyald Young, Logotype Designer. It is our hope that it is a fitting tribute to share our documentary with both members and non-members at no cost to honor his work and his life, his love of detail, and his joy in sharing the beauty of typography.

Watch Doyald Young, Logotype Designer, and please share the link to his documentary. He was an amazing man who made an indelible contribution to his field.

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23 Responses to “Remembering Doyald Young, 1926-2011”

  1. Linda Miller says:

    I had just watched the Doyald Young “Creative Inspirations” a week ago and fallen hard for this elegant and gifted man. I told my daughter (who is considering Pasadena Art Center for her masters) about him and was excited (and a bit envious) that she might benefit from his gentle and expert tutelage. Thank you for allowing your members these exceptional insights into the creative mind and for graciously acknowledging Doyald’s passing and generously allowing the world to fall in love with him too.

  2. Carlos Lara says:

    Really sad news for the community.
    May the soul of an inspirational and talented figure rest in peace.

  3. Louise Kearl says:

    I am sadden by the news, a loss to the Creative Inspirations series–Doyald Young. He was an inspiration to me, his instructions was so concise and his passion for his designs truly touch me.

  4. Juhani Väihkönen says:

    This is very sad news, I have loved your Creative Inspirations series and Doyald Young is one
    of the most inspiriting persons that I have got know for. Nice gesture from your part, will help spread the word that word have just lost another good person.

  5. Neil Cramer says:

    This is terribly sad news. What a unique talent and craftsman. I hope that he inspires many people, as he did me, so that this craft can live on. I am so glad the documentary exists to inspire people in the future. God’s speed Doyald.

  6. DiAnn Guerrero says:

    What a great life he lived doing what he loved! Thank you for sharing his talent with us.

  7. Karen Bunn says:

    I just saw this little movie a few weeks ago and was so impressed and inspired by Doyald Young that I told every one I knew to go watch it.

    What a lovely, gentle man, fabulous teacher, and passionate artist he seemed to be. I am sad that I never met him — but feel, too, that this wonderful movie about him let me in to his life just a little. I know he will be missed as it is certain he was deeply loved.

  8. Phil Brown says:

    The world has far to few people like Doyald Young his life and passing will be marked by the beauty and character that he has left for all of us. The thoughtfulness of this tribute defines your organization and who you are. May God Bless those who remember Doyald today and always

  9. Angy says:

    I agree with Phil Brown’s comment. This man is iconic in his field and I am absolutely thrilled to have access to the video tutorials on your site, all of which bring his gifts, talents and communication skills to light in so many wonderful ways. I am sure that Doyald Young thought seriously about his work and about his decision to publish with It is wonderful to know that he remains with us in spirit and continues to share his unique skills through your videos.

  10. Glenn Kramer says:

    I just watched that wonderful video a few weeks ago and I was really inspired by him. This is a sad loss. I know he left a mark on so many people. I’m very thankful that did that Creative Inspiration video. His family and friends will really appreciate this documentary which will become something of his memoir.

  11. Johnny Sewell says:

    I also watched the Doyald Young movie 2 weeks ago. And I watched some of it twice, looked at his website and read more about him. Your Creative Inspiration series is very good but I think the best is this one. He seemed like such a gentle man and scholar in his field. He described himself as a teacher first and I wish I could have met him as a student in person.

  12. I’m extremely saddened by the loss of Mr. Young, though I knew him only from your documentary I got the sense of him having been an extraordinary man with an ordinary outside! I will forever remember him!

  13. James Thompson says:

    The creative inspiration video showed a thoughtful gentleman with a true passion for sharing his art. I was inspired by the video which I saw a little while ago. I’m sadden to learn of his passing and my thoughts go out to his friends and family.

  14. I had the opportunity of attending his one of his lectures; “The Art of The Letter” at the Magnolia theater in Dallas Texas which was presented by the local student AIGA. I was only just entering upon my new career. I had no clue who he was going into the lecture, but was completely convinced of who he was, and what he was too the craft after his lecture. I count myself lucky to have shaken his hand, received his autograph, and shared brief conversation with him.

    That lecture opened my eyes and has had a positive impact upon my perception and evaluation. Just this past Dec/Jan I used the principals he taught, to craft an embossing die for a logo-type. When the machinist asked me to stroke the typeface, I simply grinned, and said thank you, I have another way. (Thank You (again) Mr. Young)

  15. This should be required viewing for all designers. Great videos and impeccable process. He’ll be missed.

  16. Doyald Young was an awesome person. I watched the creative inspiration series of his several times and I was inspired by every word he had to say. He will be missed by many and is a tragic loss to the creative community. :(

  17. Connie Myres says:

    Sorry to hear about Doyald Young. I love the way he speaks about his beautiful letters. Very inspirational!

  18. Chicho says:

    Thank you for sharing his passion with your series…I chanced upon his segment, like some or most and was pleasantly surprised…truly an inspiration.

  19. Helen Thomas says:

    Here is a man whose passion translated into greatness. Greatness is not about the number of people who acknowledge you, but about the way your passion acknowledges people.
    Mr. Young is an example of what we are missing today: Knowing himself, being transparent and sharing his gift with joy, his life was more than days of living; it was a fullness of being.
    What a treasure!
    Thank you,, for capturing the beauty of his spirit on film to continue his legacy.

  20. Weylon Smith says:

    What a genuine and passionate person, with an unwavering dedication to craft. A humble genius with the heart of a teacher. He’ll be missed greatly.

  21. Rose (Lagler) Kelley says:

    I just heard about Doyald’s passing.

    I just viewed the video and when I saw it I was transported back to his house/studio in the 1980′s. We were friends back then. What the video didn’t show was the twinkle in his eye when he would laugh. It was like being in the room with a real life leprechaun.

    He was indeed as elegant as his letters. He clearly self-taught himself manners, graciousness and kindness. He was a gentle man and a gentleman.

  22. We were on the road shooting our next Creative Inspirations when the news of Doyald’s passing reached us in Toronto.

    Those of us who worked with Doyald on his documentary felt a special closeness to him as he sat with us and quietly unfolded the facets of an amazing life. His charm and grace washed over us as we tried to preserve each carefully chosen word he spoke.

    We were honored to have known him and take some small amount of comfort that we were able to share these cherished moments with the world. All one needs to do is open up any of his books to feel his elegance, wisdom and presence on each page. In every letter form, Doyald will be with us always.

  23. (Please excuse my English.)

    I met Doyald Young in Paris 10 or 12 years ago. I gave him a few samples of my work. I’m just a french graphic designer, but he found the time to write me comments in an e-mail that I still keep today. It was so kind, and sensitiv. I’m very proud of it.

    Since then we sometimes talked by mail, and he gave me precious advises about my work. He sent me his new books, and signed it with a few words.

    I’m so sad to learn about his death. He was a great professional, and as far as I know him, a very nice person.

    Paix à son âme.

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