Deke’s Techniques #8: Creating a reflection in shattered glass

Published by | Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011

Welcome to this week’s video blog entry from Photoshop master Deke McClelland. Sticking with the ‘things you can do to faces’ theme from last week’s Deke’s Techniques #7, today’s episode features creating the reflection of a woman, whose scream may or may not have broken the glass in question, into a shattered mirror. And while the model’s angst clearly possesses destructive properties, the modifications Deke demonstrates in this video decidedly do not. Through the intelligent use of Smart Filters, each of the filter effects remains editable so you can ratchet up or tone down the effect depending on your particular appetite for destruction.

Members of the Online Training Library® can learn more about the advanced blending options Deke uses to fine-tune the effect in this week’s video by checking out Chapter 28: Blend Modes Revealed in Deke’s comprehensive Photoshop CS5 One-on-One: Mastery course. Members will also have access to this week’s exclusive Deke’s Techniques video, in which Deke explores the classic fantasy motif of the talking forest by mapping the visage of Deke’s evil twin into the rough-hewn bark of tree.

Be fearless in exploring what you can do with these dramatic effects in your own work, and we’ll see you all back here next week for another free technique from Deke.

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  1. Harlan West says:

    Great techniques and lesson. I learned some great skills from this.

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