2011 SBIFF Producer’s Panel: Movers and Shakers

Published by | Tuesday, February 8th, 2011

A great weekend of panels culminated with the 2011 SBIFF  Producer’s Panel: Movers and Shakers.

For obvious reasons, I always feel at one with this panel. Whether the budget is small or large, producers share similar concerns. Whether you’re only shooting for 24 days (Blue Valentine) or as many as 90 (The Social Network), the producers job is the same–we’re here to preserve the director’s vision of our projects and pick the right times to help or stay out of the way. Such is the case with the Academy Award nominated group of films featured in this discussion.

I found particularly fascinating the MPAA ratings battles that continue to rage amongst the filmmakers. The King’s Speech, searching for a broader audience, is seeking a PG-13 rating, though can’t get it because of one scene (you’ll have to see it to know which one). And Blue Valentine fought off an NC-17 rating, winning an appeal to the board with a unanimous vote to overturn.

There was also a lively discussion about making films based on real people and real events as is the case with The Fighter, The Social Network, and The King’s Speech.

This panel includes:
Darla K. Anderson – Toy Story 3
Iain Canning – The King’s Speech
Alix Madigan – Winter’s Bone
Todd Lieberman – The Fighter
Mike Deluca – The Social Network
Jamie Patricof – Blue Valentine

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