Create a hammered metal background in Photoshop: Deke’s Techniques

Published by | Tuesday, January 25th, 2011

It’s another week and time for another quick technique from Deke. In this week’s episode, Deke shows how to create something substantial from something nonexistent. Specifically, Deke creates a hammered metal background (featured behind last week’s type of gold project) in Adobe Photoshop from insubstantial clouds and glass. Leave it to Photoshop (and Deke) to create such opportunities for irony.

Start with a field of black pixels, apply some smart filters, and top it off with a little rusty metal pattern, and you have a wall of textured metal that will support any creation you want to build on top of it. And because you’re using the Clouds and Difference Clouds filters, which are based on random fractal noise, your wall of steel won’t look exactly like anyone else’s when you put it to use in your own projects.

Stop back next week for another of Deke’s Techniques. We’ll bring you a new free video every week here on the blog. Meanwhile, subscribers should check out the entire course in the Online Training Library®, where you’ll not only find all the techniques to date collected in one place, but some special entries to the course that Deke created just for members.

And now that you’ve seen a few ideas Deke has up his sleeve, are there any effects you’d like to see him tackle in this short-and-sweet format? Leave your ideas here in the comments, and we’ll put Deke to work figuring out fun and efficient ways to take them on. See you next week!

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  1. Andy King says:

    I thought last week’s Gold type technique was amazing, but this one may be even sweeter. In fact, this whole series of video casts is awesome! Thank you, Deke and, for making these available, and keep the amazing lessons coming!

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