Branding type on a texture in Photoshop: Deke’s Techniques

Published by | Tuesday, January 11th, 2011

It’s a blog post. It’s a podcast. It’s another quick step-by-step tutorial from author Deke McClelland! However you think of it, we were thrilled with the positive feedback you provided for last week’s preview episode of Deke’s Techniques, Creating Ice Type. Today, Deke’s Techniques becomes a full-fledged course in the Online Training Library® where members can go to review all the episodes to date and find a new members-only entry to the course. Meanwhile, here on the blog, we’re happy to share another free episode with everyone.

This week’s technique features Deke showing you how to virtually brand your chosen type into any surface imaginable in Photoshop. The specific background (leather, cowhide, parchment, corrugated paper) doesn’t matter. (In fact, for Thanksgiving, Deke employed this technique on my hand. Totally painless, except for holding my hand in the right position to make the turkey’s eyes google correctly.) The key to this technique is turning your background (or your hand, as it were) into a displacement map, then applying some Burn tool action and a little Bevel and Emboss. Check it out, and we’ll see you next week for another quick technique!

And thanks for letting us know how these quick-burst tutorials fit into your training needs. Keep the feedback coming!

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