Introducing a new training series—Deke’s Techniques #1: Creating Ice Type

Published by | Tuesday, January 4th, 2011

This month, we’re introducing Deke’s Techniques, a new offering of bite-sized training from computer graphics guru Deke McClelland. It’s a cross between a weekly blog post, podcast, and project-based tutorial, presented in Deke’s signature step-by-step style. Each week, you can stop by our blog to watch Deke share another of his visually compelling creative effects in a quick, accessible, recipe format. We’ll feature a new free video for everyone every week, and members will have access to the entire, ever-growing collection of Deke’s Techniques directly from the Online Training Library® (including exclusive member-only videos.)

Many of you rely on Deke for his in-depth One-on-One series on Photoshop and Illustrator, those wonderful full-course meals of training that comprehensively cover a vast compendium of features. By contrast, Deke’s Techniques will provide a quick inspiring bite on a specific technique that you can put to work in your creative projects right away.

For example, check out this week’s episode, in which Deke shares his method for creating this icy cool type effect. In this preview installment, Deke combines the Wind filter and some quickly applied layer effects in Photoshop to create this chilly effect, including fully formed icicles. But thanks to a careful use of smart objects, the text remains decidedly unfrozen and completely editable underneath. It’s perfect for your winter-themed design projects (for instance, those of us who might not get our holiday greetings out until mid-January). And Deke delivers it in under 10 minutes, so you can put your new information to use right away.

Stop back by next week to see another installment. And let us know what you think about getting fresh installments every week in this easily digestible format.

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31 Responses to “Introducing a new training series—Deke’s Techniques #1: Creating Ice Type”

  1. Bob Mazzei says:

    Deke is an amazing design guru! Love the new series. Can’t wait for the next one.

  2. John says:

    Really cool video. I’d be interested to see some videos on the topic of good typography. It seems to be a fairly ignored topic on

  3. Ralph Bullis says:

    Where is the icy type tutorial?

  4. Nick Degner says:

    Great job, Deke. You are one of the most knowledgeable and entertaining trainers on the internet. I know. I use many pay and free training websites that includes None of the trainers are of your caliber. These sites keep my skills honed pretty sharp for the graphics/video/3D fields. Technology just moves way to fast to stand still long. Keep doing what you are doing and thanks.

  5. @Ralph: Since this is preview week, just click on the play button on the video frame at the top of this post. Next week, Deke’s Techniques will have a course listing all its own with this entry, next week’s technique, and a couple of members-only entries. Stay tuned!

  6. Ken Bivin says:

    Great videos, looking forward to the rest of these.

  7. Tim Loomis says:

    Hey Deke, just wrapping up the Mastery section of your Photoshop CS5 series… Loving it and I love this as I want to now tweak a site called I want to redo using some of the techniques you are talking about in this blog… Thank you… Tim

  8. @John We agree that Typography is a topic that needs much more coverage in the Online Training Library®, and we do have some courses in the works that will be released later this year. You can quickly find all of our current typography courses here: Be sure to check out the Doyald Young documentary as well if you haven’t seen it yet. It is one of our recent Creative Inspirations installments, and sheds a light on a wonderful logotype designer, teacher, and human being. In the relatively near future, keep a look out for Web Fonts First Look.

  9. Pam Arquette says:

    Wow! great, can’t wait for the next one!

  10. I Love it. I’m a big fan of, Deke and bit-sized learning. So this just made my day. That’s for offering it up to us.

  11. Tom Laratta says:

    Just what the doctor ordered! This type of tutorial gives me practical examples of how tricks can be used to enhance design. Being relatively new to Photoshop, this helps immensely.

  12. Kogaku King Dexter says:

    Deke! I’ve ordered a truck load of Gin. How do you keep doing it?? It’s got to be the martinis!! You’re crazy, man. And you just keep getting better.

    I’ll watch ‘em all. [ Damn. I'm almost out of olives!]


  13. John Naccarato says:

    Great tutorial Deke! Gonna be one of those blogs I check into every week, even though I’m already a subscriber to Hopefully a tweet will go out when the new ones get posted (in case we forget).

  14. Lise says:

    Thank You Deke,

    Very nice short tutorials. can’t wait for the next!
    Great work!!


  15. Cozzy says:

    Hey Deke,

    Top tutorial from a top man. What a great feature which adds even more value for money to You guys rock

  16. Joe Goulding says:

    Very sleek Deke. Looking forward to the rest of your tuts. Keep up the outrageously good work and keep it lighthearted, it helps me to learn!

  17. Peter Carson says:

    Love Dekes tutorials, this new bite sized style is a great idea. Loved the ice text but really looking forward to the gold text and text on fire. is a fantastic learning resource.

  18. Carol Beu says:

    Any possibility of getting a written copy of this tutorial? The video is invaluable, but I fear that I will not remember each and every step.

    Looking forward to future tutorials. I am currently working through your Illustrator Course. It is excellent—a very complex topic handled in an organized logical way. Thanks.

  19. Jim Barker says:

    It just keeps getting better. You just can’t help but learn.

  20. Mary Darling says:

    I agree with Carol. Tutorial was wonderful but I would love written steps.

  21. antonia guerra says:

    What a Happy New Year Gift … W * O * W is in my face and i am loving it, reminding me of all that i have not explored and need to discover. thank you for your endeavor to make your site exciting and on the cutting edge.

    Deke McCllelland’s talent leaves me breathless as his icy type transforms visual sensations that i can actually feel … his command of detail manipulation is engineer-like and i thank him for his contributions to the ‘creative and innovative’ part of our world.

    I look forward to more.

  22. Warren Keuffel says:

    When will these vBlogs be captioned? Thanks.

  23. Johnny Jordan says:

    Deke is one of the best Instructors I have seen in a long time.
    My grandson understood everything he had talked about.
    Ethan is 5 yrs old, and I have been teaching him with PSc3e from the age of two.
    We both have learned from Mr Deke.

    Thank you Johnny

  24. @Warren Keuffel Next week, Deke’s Techniques will become an actual course with its own course details page in the Online Training Library®. So each week, a new free video will be posted to the blog for all to see. That free video as well as some additional “members only” videos will be added to the course page. Over time, the course will get longer and longer, and act as an “archive” for all of the techniques Deke records. All of our courses in the Online Training Library® are closed captioned. Captions are typically added to videos within two weeks of being added to the the library.

  25. Joan says:

    Excellent video Deke and very easy to follow. Look forward to more of these bite-size technique videos.

  26. Todd says:

    Great video Deke! I love the rapid pace, entertaining spirit, and killer teknekes!

    Can’t wait for next weke!

  27. Joanna Miarrostami says:

    Deke you are a genius! Love your teaching style. Never boring, always so entertaining
    I will always be a fan. Looking forward to your next tutorial. I’ve learned so much from them. Thank you . You’re the best!

  28. Mireille says:

    Deke, you are my hero! This is a great tutorial. Very helpful indeed to apply techniques learned into specific projects like this. Very inspirational. Looking forward to see more in the following weeks.

  29. Lyndon Adams says:

    Great little tutorial. Looking forward to the next one. Just about finished with your Sharpening Course which I’ve thoroughly enjoyed.

  30. Jaline says:

    Love it and looking forward to next week. Thank you so much

  31. Brendon says:

    Deke … you are the reason I have a job :) Thanks for your keen insights and guidance …

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