Office 2011 for the Mac video training now available

Published by | Monday, November 1st, 2010

Office for Mac 2011 is now available, and it is a step forward for Microsoft’s suite of office productivity apps for Mac users. Notable features include a new-to-the-Mac Ribbon interface, which creates a more seamless experience for folks who also use Office 2007 or Office 2010 for Windows, the brand-new Cocoa-based Outlook for the Mac, and reinstated Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) support. If you’re upgrading from Office for Mac 2008, or new to Office for the Mac, has comprehensive training on the suite’s four main apps.

Excel for Mac 2011 Essential Training Course TrailerIn Excel for Mac 2011 Essential Training, Curt Frye covers the ins and outs of Excel for the Mac, including features borrowed from the Windows version like Sparklines for easy data visualization, enhanced Pivot Table reports, and the ability to automate workbooks with macros.

PowerPoint for Mac 2011 Essential Training Course TrailerIn PowerPoint for Mac 2011 Essential Training, David Rivers gives in-depth tutorials in PowerPoint 2011, including using and customizing the new Ribbon, editing photos within PowerPoint, and broadcasting presentations over the web. The course also provides detailed instructions for changing the look of presentations: using built-in and custom themes, formatting text, inserting tables and charts, adding pictures and SmartArt drawings, and adding animation.

Word for Mac 2011 Essential Training Course Trailer In Word for Mac 2011 Essential Training, Maria Langer shows how to build outlines, format text and pages, work with headers and footers, use themes and styles, add multimedia, and more. It also shows how to customize and automate Word 2011, including how to record macros.

Outlook for Mac 2011 Essential Training Course TrailerAnd in Outlook for Mac 2011 Essential Training, Alicia Katz Pollock offers complete coverage of the long-awaited Entourage replacement, including migrating from other email applications, setting up IMAP, POP, and Exchange accounts, syncing Address Book contacts, and taking advantage of organizational features like Conversation View and My Day.

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4 Responses to “Office 2011 for the Mac video training now available”

  1. Wolde Dawit says:

    How can I obtain a copy of the Office 2011 for the Mac Video Training, and how much would it cost?

    I am interested in this form of self-paced learning.

  2. Wolde- Our membership is subscription-based, so you pay one price for access to our entire Online Training Library®. To compare the different monthly and annual plans, check out details here.
    If you are only interested in the Office for Mac 2011 training, you can also buy individual DVDs for each course. Just click on the ‘DVD Available’ link at the top of each course page, or follow the links below:

    Excel for Mac 2011 Essential Training
    PowerPoint for Mac 2011 Essential Training
    Word for Mac 2011 Essential Training
    Outlook for Mac 2011 Essential Training

    • Chris Sales says:

      Greg/or other Lynda Folks:

      My university (Cal State University, Northridge) Comp Sci department is adding one mac specific course to a basic COMP 100 class that teaches computer concepts and Office on the PC.

      There are not a lot of options for this, so I got permission to check with you folks to see what would it cost to do one of these two options.

      1: Provide dvds on each of the four parts of Office for the Mac, or at least Word, Excel and PowerPoint, for about 40 students.

      2: How much would it cost to but it on a citrix like network for 40 licenses. I believe these systems can track and only allow use by ID or by count.

      Any info would be of great use. We love your moodle modules, which are made available to the CSU sytems through a license, so I assume your Office for Mac modules are just as good.


      Chris Sales

      • Chelsea Adams, Managing Editor says:

        Hi, Chris!

        I’ve arranged to have our sales manager for education contact you directly with an answer, but I thought I would also answer you in this space in case there is anyone else who may have this same question.

        We do offer a variety of training solutions for academic institutions, with multiple options for access on and off campus. You can browse and compare our education solutions at

        If you’d like to speak directly with a Training Solutions Advisor to help you find the most effective and affordable training solution for your university, you can call us toll-free at 1-888-335-9632.

        Thanks again for the interest!

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