Sneak preview: AutoCAD for the Mac course

Published by | Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

Autodesk just released their new version of AutoCAD specifically designed for Apple’s Macintosh platform. The new software has all the features of Autodesk’s popular CAD application, plus a new interface that takes advantage of some cool OSX features. These include Multitouch pan and zoom for navigation and an iPod-like CoverFlow interface to browse your designs. We thought these new features were so innovative, we decided to create a course that covers all of the differences between the OSX and Windows versions of AutoCAD.

In the upcoming AutoCAD 2011: Migrating from Windows to Mac course at, Jeff Bartels, our resident AutoCAD expert, gives you a thorough tour of the new software for those people wanting to make the leap to OSX. The course covers the new interface and tools, as well as methods to print and share data between platforms. It should be terrific guide for anyone wanting to get started with AutoCAD on the Mac.

Here’s a sneak preview of the course, which will be released very soon:

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  1. Hagen Hammons says:

    Mr. Bartels,
    I purchased my first MacBook Pro earlier this year, after years of working with PCs. I see you only have one course for integrating from PC to Mac on Lynda, but what I was wondering is, can I take the rest of your AutoCad courses on Lynda or do I have o have a PC to take the others? Thanks.

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