Avid dot-release for Media Composer 5 now available

Published by | Wednesday, October 13th, 2010

Avid recently released an update to its popular Media Composer 5 video editing software that fixes several bugs, including:

1) Default Segment Mode setting
The MC default for the timeline setting “Default Segment Tool” has been changed from overwrite to insert.

2) Copy/Paste Segment Mode fix
When copy/pasting mark in/out with no segment tool active, the paste mode will no longer be the last used segment mode but the default segment mode. Most editors want to paste in insert mode so unless an editor changes the default (insert), MC will paste in insert mode. The only time MC will paste in overwrite is if the user has only the segment overwrite tool active when paste is executed, as in versions prior to 5.

3) Smart Tools auto selection bug
A bug has been fixed that auto selected the default segment tool when an editor cut a marked in/out selection (Ctrl+X) with no segment tools active.

For information on how to obtain the patch, go to Avid’s support area on its site: http://www.avid.com/US/support/downloads/

If you are a brand new user of Avid Media Composer 5, be sure to check out our crash course Avid Media Composer 5 Getting Started with Steve Holyhead. For a deeper dive, Avid Media Composer 5 Essential Training with Ashley Kennedy is also available.

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One Response to “Avid dot-release for Media Composer 5 now available”

  1. Avi Lev says:

    I’m Working with Avid Media Composer version 5.0.3 using Mac OS X version 10.6.4.
    In the Avid Setting, I mapped the keyboard to my needs, but the programed keys of the Mac application override the Avid.
    For example, I mapped F8 key for Audio Mixer , yet it activate the iTune application instead.(?).
    On the Mac System Preferences I was not able to change the Keyboard Shortcut function. This option is not available.
    I wonder if anyone in Mac or Avid knows a way around this problem.

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