3D training round-up at lynda.com

Published by | Friday, May 7th, 2010

There have been a lot of new releases in the 3D category at lynda.com lately, with more to come.

First-time lynda.com author Rob Garrott was just in town recording a new project-based course using Cinema 4D training. Rob has worked in the industry for 17 years as an art director, animator, editor, and an instructor at Art Center College of Design teaching 3D motion graphics, compositing, and motion design.

Rob Garrett

Rob Garrett on the lynda.com live action set.

Veteran lynda.com author and channel manager for 3D and video, George Maestri, just wrapped up recording new Maya 2011 training. Maya 2011 is a really significant upgrade, and George’s new training will explore the numerous upgrades and functionality.

George Maestri

George Maestri in a lynda.com recording booth.

Jeff BartelsAutoCAD 2011 New Features course was released recently, and covers all of the new and cool features AutoCAD 2011 has to offer, from transparency, to the new 3D surfaces, to hatch creation. Look for more AutoCAD training from Jeff soon.

The highly anticipated Rhino 4 Essential Training by Dave Schultze was released this month, and is proving to be an exciting addition to the Library. In addition to building with the curve, surface, and the solid, members can learn how to create shoes for their robots and watch as their sketches come to life.

And in case you missed the New Deal Studios, Visual Effects Creative Inspirations documentary that was published in February, you might want to check out how this visual effects house uses Rhino and other 3D applications to create models, miniatures, and other computer graphics you will probably recognize from major motion pictures like Shutter Island, and The Dark Knight.

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5 Responses to “3D training round-up at lynda.com”

  1. TylerH says:

    I really enjoyed the Rhino 4 training and hope to see more Rhino coverage in the future. There is very little coverage of it on other websites, in spite of the size of its user base. Thanks for providing it.

  2. amir cohen says:

    I’m over two or three years subscribed, and the reason I started is for the 3ds max lessons in lynda.com, what I can’t get in any other website lessons. So, What about the 3DS Max? this is the most popular application!!!



  3. VascoC says:

    I took my first steps in the world of 3d guided by George’s lessons for 3ds Max 6 right here at lynda.com back in 2004. Those were a fantastic tool for getting started with something I didn’t know anything about.

    Having watched most of the content for Max since then, I would also like to see new training for Max, preferably in the beyond basics category, especially as most of the fundamentals stay valid from version to version.

  4. TylerH – Thanks. We have another Rhino title on the schedule, tentatively set for later this year.

    Amir – We love 3DS Max. We have a 3DS Max 2011 Essential Training that you’ll see in a few weeks. We also have some additional 3DS Max titles planned for this year.

    Best -

    George Maestri

  5. Nasir Ali says:

    Hi, I am a very very big fan of George Maestri. your lessons are so good & uderstandable. plz send me a message i really like you George Maestri.

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