Introducing the new iPhone App!

Published by | Thursday, February 25th, 2010

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You’ve always been able to access the Online Training Library® anytime, anywhere. Now you can access your learning on the go with the new, free iPhone App, featuring high and low video quality for optimal streaming no matter what your connection. members: You have access to your account just as you do on your computer. Just log in and start learning! Once logged in, you’ll see the most recent video you watched, whether you watched it on your iPhone, iPod Touch, or on your computer’s web browser. Just pick up where you last left off.

We look forward to hearing what you think!

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234 Responses to “Introducing the new iPhone App!”

  1. Bodie Quirk says:

    Yaayyyyyy!!!! The day is here!!!! I can’t wait to play with it! Thank you for listening to your customers. You guys are awesome.

  2. Greg says:

    Awesome app!! Only thing that could make it better was if a zoom was added to see exactly what is being clicked on since the screen size is smaller.

  3. melanie pravia says:

    I just try to watch some titles on my blackberry they play real good the video quality it’s real good

  4. Veit says:

    Congratulations. The application looks beautifully. Found my way around within seconds. Thank you very much for making this possible.

  5. Jeff says:

    This is outstanding! It looks and sounds great!

  6. Jeannine says:

    And I was about to drop my membership! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! This app will make a huge difference, I’m staying! And I can’t wait to see it and use it on the iPad!!!

  7. Frank says:

    Afraid it keeps crashing whenever I try to view Recent movies or Courses?

  8. Mark says:

    Love it! I have been waiting eagerly for this, and I am so excited it is here. Thanks!
    Is there a way to add the playback speed options to the video in the iPhone app? I’m a big fan of listening to videos at 2x. You guys are awesome.

  9. Michael says:

    So glad to see this app. I commute for almost four hours every day. The best time for me to dedicate to watching videos is during this time, but my phone was my only Internet connection. This is so much better than trying to navigate the site with mobile Safari. Great job!

  10. Charlie L says:

    Bathroom time is now learning time yahhhhh!!!

  11. Francesco says:

    Thanks for this product.

    IMHO it would be perfect if it could cache 5 to 10 lessons inside iPhone/iPod/iPad memory, so a subscriber could be able to download some lessons from home (or work) and watch them on the go without 3G or Wi-Fi coverage, without logging in to your server.
    If you’re concerned about piracy you could ask/force the subscriber to log-in at least one time every 24/48 hours.

    Also a native iPad version would be very nice.

  12. Frank says:

    Blazing fast…

  13. terivic says:

    Absolutely fantastic! Thank you, thank you.

  14. neil lewis says:

    Hi there, Great to have a dedicated app for! We’re just about to have 30 new users go live at work, so this will be an added little treat!

    Just a bit of feedback – but when I try and click on the ‘Recently Viewed Movies/Courses’ the app seems to crash, and takes me back to my iPhone Home screen. Don’t know if it’s just me, or if it needs a fix! Keep up the great work. Neil

  15. Chris says:

    I get the same crash when I go to Recently Viewed Movies and Recently Viewed Courses. (I have the latest iPod system installed.)

  16. Pat says:

    Works totally as expected! Fast and smooth! Great work!!!

  17. Kam Vento says:

    I’m wondering if it will work well with the new Ipad?

  18. Adam says:

    Login not working for us… just keeps saying invalid, we can log in online however…

  19. Bob Master says:

    Can you publish an android app also?

  20. Rahul says:

    Is a WebOS app coming anytime soon?

  21. Dan says:

    +1 for Android App

  22. Dre says:

    +2 for Android.

  23. Jim says:

    I’m loving the iPhone app!

    The only two things I could possibly suggest as features would be
    1) 2x speed button (this is an awesome feature on the website)
    2) “Play Chapter” button, so that I’d be able to watch videos in succession without having to click “next video”, then “play”, etc.

    However, these features might not even be possible on the iPhone.

    Great Job!

  24. Bruce Stanley says:

    Any way to use this with an Institutional subscription?

  25. Bart says:

    Crashes when I try to look at any of the “recently items” the app crashes.

  26. pault says:

    +3 for android app

  27. R.P. says:

    +4 for android app

  28. Candace says:

    This works beautifully! Thank you!

    I couldn’t replicate the “recently viewed” crash other users are experiencing.

    I also would love to cache a few episodes on my iPod for later viewing when I’m not in range of a wireless network.

  29. Let me second the suggestion about adding a zoom feature. The iPhone screen is too small for aged eyes like mine to follow the action when all I am looking at is a downsized version of what I see on my 20″ screen iMac.

  30. Vijay says:

    Tried to download but the app is not available outside US.
    Is there anyway that I can get it?

  31. Vijay says:

    Nevermind. Tried from my work place wireless and it worked. Hmmm

  32. Rogier says:

    Love it.

    Can’t wait to see the iPad version!!!!

    It tool way to long to make the app for the iPhone. So please please please jump right on it and scale it for the iPad!!!

  33. Cathy Stanfill says:

    I absolutely love it. This is exactly what I wanted and was hoping that would produce an iPhone App. Just found out about it today (March 4, 2010) after opening up the March 2010 Newsletter. Thank you so much for creating this iPhone application. I will be using it often.

  34. Christian says:

    Beautiful! But…
    1) I hate that I have to write my login everytime I start the app
    2) Crashes when I try to look at any of the “recently items” the app crashes.

    Hope you can fix that!

  35. AJ says:

    +1 for WebOS

  36. Just letting you all know that v 1.0.1 of the iPhone App is now available and addresses the crash issue some have experienced. If you haven’t downloaded the app yet, this is the version you will automatically download. If you want to upgrade, go to the App Store on your iPhone, click Upgrades, and the iPhone App should be listed.

  37. NC says:

    please, please, please incorporate 2x or even 2.5x speed on the iphone application. That is one of the features that really makes the videos usable.

  38. Karen says:

    What a great app. Makes my spare time productive. I’ve just ordered an ipad specifically for use with Great work – see you on ipad shortly!

  39. Todd says:

    +5 for Android app!

  40. Daniel says:

    +6 for Android app!!

  41. mike says:

    +6 for Android. Granted, Android is way more popular outside the US than within it, but is Google, and therefore potentially huge. Please listen!

  42. Gary says:

    Android app PLEASE!

  43. David says:

    Ditto on android app please!!!

  44. Ron Priest says:

    It appears that the videos seen doesn’t get updated for my account when I watch the videos on my iPhone. Is this a function that is not feasible?

  45. Peter says:

    Completely agree with the comments regarding Android support. I would love to be able to access training videos on my nexus.

  46. Ramsay says:

    How ’bout a cheeky Android app eh? +25000!

  47. jeff says:

    Please build a blackberry app! please!….

  48. Michael says:

    iPad, iPad, iPad

  49. elaine says:

    Dittos android app. Waiting patiently.

  50. Richard says:

    (adjusting the count)
    +10 for an Android ap

  51. Louis says:

    +11 for Android App

  52. Are you working on an Android app? Just got the Droid Incredible and am throwing my iPod Touch out. Just need the app on Android to make my life easier.


  53. Terry says:

    +12 for Android App!

  54. maastrix says:

    Correcting the count

    +17 for Android app. Can you inform us? Do you have plans for an Android app?

  55. Tim says:

    I travel a lot. Can I download a movie to the iPhone app for viewing offline?

  56. Michael says:

    I’m not sure how many people are requesting the online app for the new Android phone, but it would sure make my life easier.

  57. Stephen Masoomian says:

    When are they going to offer Oracle Primavera courses, e.g. P6 or Contracts Management?

  58. Kurt says:

    +1 for an android app. I just got the new EVO and would love to view videos.

  59. peter says:

    Another request for an android version of the app :)

  60. mikermcneil says:

    Another request for an android app

  61. Kenny Embry says:

    Another request for the Android app.

  62. Mary says:

    Another request for the Android app –have an HTC Evo.

  63. john wundes says:

    Android app ++
    I’m on a Droid running 2.2

  64. jacob says:

    Android app please.. you must support open software first!..

  65. jbond says:

    I wish they would add the bookmark functionality to the iPhone mobile app.

  66. ipaul says:

    Android app!!!!

  67. maria says:

    Another request for a Droid app!

  68. Andy nock says:

    Another for android

  69. Christina says:

    Android app please! Would appreciate it.

  70. Christian says:

    When will Android apps be developed before Iphone or at least simultaneously.

    Add me to the Andriod list please.

  71. Justin says:

    +30 i think i have the count right… who knows? it’s a lot.

    Add me to the Android +1 list.
    Just got the new HTC EVO and I can’t wait to learn more about FLASH. Thanks!

  72. Monica says:

    +1 for Android. I find myself having long commutes and would LOVE to put that extra time to good use! I got the EVO recently and would likely re-subscribe if I had the option of learning on the free time I do have to myself but have very little to do via long wait hours and long commutes.

  73. Phil says:

    +2 for Android, please!

    Would look great on my Super AMOLED screen :)

  74. Chris says:

    Another vote for Android app. Just got a HTC MyTouch at T-Mobile.

  75. Sheri says:

    Please! An Android version for my new EVO!!!

  76. Kara says:

    android app please!! just got my HTC EVO

  77. jonnylightning says:

    I get this feeling an android app would go over well with your subscribers…just a hunch.
    I would subscribe in a heartbeat if you port this to android….

  78. KuHawaiian says:

    One more for Android app..

  79. tq says:

    Android!!! Google TV! Let’s all Think Differently

  80. RW says:

    Please do a HD version of this app for iPads. Android devices support flash, an app for android isn’t needed.

  81. RM says:

    android app please for the EVO…

  82. RM says:

    Ableton Live tutorial too please…

  83. AJ says:

    Please get an Android app developed, Android is taking over.

  84. JAN says:

    Really hoping for an Android App soon!

  85. TL says:

    Only problem watching tutorials on android is no HD version and no zoom to read the screen better.

  86. JBOW says:

    DROID Please!!

  87. Barbara says:

    +1 for android app The mobile app is a great idea. I would really love to use it on my android phone. Thanks!

  88. Tim says:

    +2 More for two of us on ANDROID!!

  89. MP says:

    Android App++

  90. demo38 says:

    Another vote for Android!

  91. Maarten says:

    +3 for HTC Android App

  92. Tony says:

    ANDROID APP+++++++++

    Pretty Please?!?!?!!

    subscriber and happy Android user!

  93. Gene says:

    + 5 for Android app, my whole department uses Android phones and training.

  94. GFB says:

    One more vote for Android App

  95. rich2360 says:

    Another request for an Android app.

  96. swartsr says:

    Please develop an Android app. I’d use it all the time. Thank you.

  97. Jess says:

    +3. Seriously, Android app. It’s been months.

  98. Tiffini says:

    Another request for the Android app. xo

  99. Jason says:

    Can you please give all these folks and myself an update for when the Droid App will be out?

    It’d be awesome if you launched it ASAP but especially upon the release of the Droid Pro!


  100. Carlos says:

    Here is another android app request.

  101. Dawn says:

    Android! I lost count of the +1s.

  102. Angie says:

    Android please!

  103. Ricardo says:

    Yes. Android, please.

  104. esteban says:

    Please! I need an Android training!

  105. Jason says:

    Any news on an Android app? Though the iPhone is still the top selling smartphone, Android is now the most popular phone operating system. I’m only on a trial membership right now, but if there was an Android app, I could easily get my company to pay for a subscription for me! I just don’t have time to sit at a computer to watch!

  106. Todd says:

    Android already. No brainer. More subscriptions. We will wait patiently while iphone I guess gets first accommodations as always (sigh)

  107. tom says:

    Have you tried using on Android you don’t really need an app (at least not with 2.2)

  108. Carl says:

    Hi, when we’ll get this titles: – Android Essential Training and – Android Beyond the Basics?

  109. Alan says:

    Android app would be much appreciated – although it is possible to watch flash videos with Froyo (Android 2.2) they are much lower quality than the iPhone app.

  110. Phil says:

    Android? :)

  111. Phil says:

    Look at this

    On your Blog you asked the question “which of the following platforms are you hoping to write applications for?”

    62% of the votes are for android, please get your app and training video out.


  112. jfro says:

    the normal site works on android 2.+ no need for separate apps just go to the web site. I don’t understand why people want stripped down apps… oh wait I guess it’s because iPhones don’t support full web sites… Maybe someday…

  113. Tony says:

    Pleeeeeaaaaase!!!!! Android app! the video is really shoddy when you browse to it on Android browser

  114. John says:

    Waiting for android app to view on my Tab…. Then I’ll subscribe. Come on, keep up!

  115. Matt says:

    I am shocked there isn’t an android app.

  116. John says:

    Android App Please – Will still use web to also watch cause it works with Flash.

  117. Greg says:


    apps are usually better set up and easier to navigate than the website. Plus I guess you’d have to use Flash in the browser, which would kill battery life. I’m guessing the iPhone app has smartphone optimized video.

    Put me in the camp that wants an Android app. I usually sign up for a month of every now and then, but an official Android app could potentially push me to sing up for the yearly plan.

  118. James says:

    Android please! Phone and Honeycomb versions would be great!

  119. Trevor says:


  120. Kevin says:

    So many comments and yet they all seem to be met with silence. Lynda, step it up and get the masses their training on the platform they use. Android!

  121. Peter says:

    Just got a free months subscription from my Adobe registration. I’ll activate it when andoid is available, not before. PLease get the android up and running. Phil has a good point, the poll didn’t lie…

  122. sam says:

    When are we getting this android app … I’m getting very bored now :)

  123. harrymt says:

    Show me the Android app!!!!!! I want!!!

  124. Meletis says:

    Please android 3…. It seems that I cannot open the demo videos on the android 3 browser …

  125. Web Designer says:

    Also seeking the android app for my wife? We have subscription to and would really benefit from standalone application.

  126. Drew says:

    Android too please!! :)

  127. joel says:

    Android Please – sooon! I hope. Tell me something

  128. John says:

    Do you have a release date for the Android app?

  129. Rob says:

    Can we get this Android App, it’s 2011

  130. Thomas says:

    I want a Android App, you get more customers then! It`s 2011

  131. jen says:

    Lynda – please come out with an android app! Viewing in browser on android is terrible quality and basically unusable. I am a paying member and would really appreciate this functionality.

  132. Damion says:

    We need a android app

  133. Soner says:

    It’s a shame for you to not having an Android app yet. was supposed to have it ages ago!


  134. lars says:

    what’s up

    so much for customer service – STILL no android app – really! ? ! ?

    just another disappointed paying member. . .

  135. Megan says:

    Android app please!

  136. Meletis says:

    Still waiting for an Android app… :(

  137. Jose says:

    Android app development training please!!!!

  138. Bill C says:

    It would be wonderful if you could please develop a app for Android. I am a current subscriber to your training, and have attempted watching your videos on my Android phone via the web browser…it was very difficult to do. Not everyone has an iPhone or plans to own one. I also cannot have a laptop with me everywhere I go. I assure you that if you developed an Android app that you’d gain many more training subscriptions. I appreciate all you do, and thank you for hearing me out on behalf of Android users everywhere.

  139. Sean says:

    Came across this looking for an Android app for

    Probably time to get this sorted?!

  140. Android User says:

    What is the status on the Android App? Can you please give us a timeline on this

  141. Anthony Adominguez says:

    For the love of God please make an Android app already.

  142. Kevin says:

    I have cancelled my account and sent a message to customer service saying that I’ll consider coming back when there’s an Android app.

    Lynda’s a great site but you can find a lot of other resources for free, I won’t continue paying for something when they’re unable to provide me with what I need.

  143. Thuy says:

    I’m greatly disappointed there’s no app for android. Please have one out soon. And video training on android phone would be nice. I’m android naive. I’ve been a subscriber to for 3 years. Thank you.

  144. Dave Walsh says:

    Its been over 18 months now since the iphone app made its debut, so where is the android version so many people asked for? Surely with all of these specialists in the area you have creating the videos for you, it is possible that you can tap into their skills and get a simple app together.

    It does appear like are seriously trying hard not to do this. Come on get with the game. Even your online vote for what platform people want to develop for has android at least double of that for apple and other competiotrs surely that says loads. People who want to develop for a platform surely most of them use it themselves.

  145. Ryan says:

    Soon to be over $1000 spent at and still have yet to see an Android app. I’m seriously considering not re-subscribing.

  146. Please give us an Android App!!!

  147. bruno says:

    +1 for android

  148. b says:

    This is real bad. Claiming to have course on creating Android apps and we can’t have one here form the trainers..? Firefox and Opera on Android can’t access the videos and I needed this this weekend. Bummed. Will likely cancel go to Total Training or similar. These comments are a year old, so disappointed.

  149. Disappointed android user says:

    Seriously? How can a tech company that actually teaches the basic programming concepts for androids only offer an Iphone app? I love this site and have learned a lot from it. You guys need to offer an android app because another competitor WILL eventually sprint up and offer it. Other then that keep up the great work!

  150. Android App PLEASE says:

    What’s the plan on making an Android App for those of us who prefer using a phone with a larger, easier to see screen?

  151. synwave says:

    I’ve put my subscription on hold until an Android app is released. Really hope they make one soon

  152. ted says:

    Yes please. I was excited to watch videos on the kindle fire just to find out they are pretty unwatchable. You are missing a great market.

  153. Fernando says:

    Yes we’re many users that are waiting for Android app.

  154. Jim says:

    An Android app would be very helpful.

  155. Niki says:

    Any idea how long before an Android app is released?

  156. Joey says:

    Is there an android app in development? This would be extremely helpful and just might make me pull the trigger on a yearly subscription. By the looks of this thread android is in high demand .

    • Chelsea Adams, managing editor says:

      Hi Joey! (And all other Android users on this thread!)

      As we speak we’re finishing up our mobile site, which will be optimized for Android and other mobile operating systems. All you Android users are very important to us and we hope the new mobile site will make watching courses on the road universally easier for all users. Thanks for your patience, Joey! We truly appreciate your support through this development process and we believe you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the final mobile site in 2012. Please feel free to contact me if you have any further questions!

    • Chelsea Adams, Managing Editor says:

      Hey Joey! I just wanted to let you know that the mobile site has landed and can be accessed by Android OS 2.0 or later at Thank you for your patience!

      • TimBo says:

        which browser do you recommend for viewing the mobile site on Android?

        • Chelsea Adams, Managing Editor says:

          Hi there, TimBo! We recommend using the default Android browser. When you head to on your device, you will be automatically redirected to the mobile experience. Please let us know if you have any problems.

      • Bill says:

        Hi Chelsea,

        I tried using your mobile website on the Kindle Fire and the videos look horrible and I’m not able to scale the videos to full screen. Is it designed for use on a phone only? Is there a solution upcoming for Android tablets?

        • Chelsea Adams, Managing Editor says:

          Hi there, Bill! Our mobile site was designed specifically for smartphones, with the specific needs of Android users in mind. We recommend that all tablet users navigate to the full site ( for the best experience. Try checking out the full site with your Kindle Fire, and let me know if you have any problems there.

          • Bill says:

            Hi Chelsea,

            Thanks, works perfect!

          • Ryan says:

            Hi Chelsea,

            As you probably are aware, Flash support for Android ends on August 15th 2012. How do you plan to support Android users past this date?

          • Chelsea Adams, managing editor says:

            Hi, Ryan,

            Thanks for your question. We are currently investigating alternative streaming technologies for the mobile site in anticipation of the end of Flash support for Android. Meanwhile, Flash streaming will continue working for users with phones who already have Flash installed and there is also a progressive download fallback option for users that do not have Flash installed on their device.

          • Tony says:

            I just got a Nexus 7 Android tablet, and cannot access Lynda videos (no Flash support). Is there an Android app in the works, or are we just out of luck?

          • Anthony Dominguez says:

            So what’s the status on the non-iOS users? I guess they’re left out in the rain?

  157. kim says:

    yes please an app for the android. I even cant watch the tutorials on the internet on my android. i have to travel a lot, really would save me time!! thanksss

  158. will says:

    Are there any plans for the android app or is just not going to happen?

  159. KuHawaiian says:

    I’m still waiting for an Android app!

    • Chelsea Adams, managing editor says:

      I think you will really like the mobile site we have coming soon, KuHawaiian! It will be optimized for Android and other mobile operating systems and will provide a better mobile experience for all users.

  160. Jason says:

    Is there a release date for the Mobile site?

    • Chelsea Adams, managing editor says:

      Hi Jason! A date has not been publicly released at this point but I can assure you we are busy working on it and we will keep you updated. We are very dedicated to making sure all of our products are the best they can be, so, as you can imagine, major developments take some time to get just right. I can tell you this—it’s coming soon!

    • Chelsea Adams, Managing Editor says:

      Hi again, Jason! I just wanted to let you know that the mobile site has landed and can be accessed by Android OS 2.0 or later at Thank you for your patience!

  161. Zeddie says:

    Great news regarding the mobile site. Can’t wait!

  162. wen says:

    Hi, will the Android ap support Anroid 2.3, or just Android 3? thanks!

    • Chelsea Adams, managing editor says:

      Hi Wen! We will actually be releasing a mobile site that will work with all mobile platforms—not an Android- or iPhone-specific App—so you will be able to access just fine from any Android OS.

    • Chelsea Adams, Managing Editor says:

      Hi, Wen! I wanted to give you an update on the mobile site. As of today, the public beta of the mobile site is officially live, and you can access from Android OS 2.0 or later devices. Thank you for your patience!

  163. Dan says:

    Android app soon please

  164. Michael says:

    Looking forward to the Android, mobile optimized website. Thank you for accommodating us.

  165. Lynette says:

    Looking forward to that mobile app so I can watch on my Kindle Fire…Are we there yet?

  166. Lynette says:

    Hey kids – I went to settings on my Kindle Fire and TURNED ON FLASH (default is off)
    and I’m watching – hooray! (and thanks!)

  167. Jazmine says:

    Do you have a rough idea of when the mobile site might be up? Are you thinking in the next couple weeks or in a few months? Any ideas. Do you think it might be up in may?

  168. Erika says:

    THANKS Lynette. I had no idea it was turned off. Still a little buggy so I cannot wait to watch on the new mobile site. Wonder if it will be released soon?

  169. Simon says:

    Still nothing!! :(

  170. wen says:

    I’m thinking about getting a kindle fire, but only if I can use with it.

    Will it work?

    Of course we are all waiting to hear when the new ap/site will be ready. thanks!

    • Chelsea Adams, Managing Editor says:

      Hi Wen!

      As of now, we are recommending that tablet users visit the full site to access (not the mobile site). As we speak we are continuing our testing and will let you know as we have more specific information regarding the Kindle Fire. Thanks for your loyalty, Wen!

      • Gordon says:

        I am frustrated as well. I enjoy watching tutorials on my phone while I am at the gym on the treadmill. Trying to login on my screen is like doing heart surgery on an ant . Then as soon as I log in it times out and I need to do the whole process over… so I end up watching Tutorials off of YouTube. $25 vs $0. I think we would appreciate your honesty and just tell us its not going to happen. I would like to cancel my subscription this coming month if there isnt a better solution. Thank you.

        • Tory says:

          Sooooo…….are we Kindle Fire users going to get a response Chelsea?! It is has been over two months since your last response. We “NEED” an android app ASAP! I hope I get one soon or I a will stop promoting your site amongst my colleagues and friends. This is a very serious issue you have left unresolved for too long…
          Very disappointed you would let it go on so long…

          • Chelsea Adams, Managing Editor says:

            Hi Tory,

            We have a dedicated mobile team that is working on finalizing a mobile site, which will be specifically optimized for Android use. I know it has been a while since I have responded; it was not my intention to make you, or any of the other Android users, feel unacknowledged. I genuinely appreciate your patience and I hope you will stick with us for the release of the mobile site coming this month.

          • Chelsea Adams, Managing Editor says:

            Hi Tory! I just wanted to let you know personally that the mobile site has landed and can be accessed by Android OS 2.0 or later devices at Thank you for your patience! We know it’s been long awaited, and we would love to know what you think about the site now that it is here and in action. If you find time, please feel free to leave mobile site feedback using the link provided at the bottom of the mobile site.

  171. Beth says:

    I am viewing the full site on my Asus eee-Pad and it works perfectly. As a side note, thank you for including close captioning with some of the video. For someone like me with a huge hearing deficit, that was a strong selling point to sign up. Hope to see more videos I CC as time moves forward. Thank you!


    I hope this helps some people. I have a HTC Inspire 4G and I am able to watch the videos currently on my phone with a great resolution. I am not a pro at Android phones as I am an avid mac user and everything but the new phone (yes I have iPhones) which I am in love with. If you use an alternate browser such as Dolphin HD, or Firefox you should be able to watch the movies perfectly fine. Even on the tablets. If you have a tablet or phone that does not feature flash or the ability to install plug-ins you can look into answers at the android forums for work arounds and roots. The videos are too worth it to not take the time to get access!!! :D I’m jsut too broke right now

  173. tom says:

    Hi — you’ve been finishing up your mobile site since early December. It’s now mid March. What is your ETA? We have Android users chomping at the bit. Thanks.

  174. barvaz says:

    I actually saw talks on the mobile site since 2010
    how long can it possibly take to develop a mobile web site??
    I can’t use the site from my wp7, and its frustrating
    Its funny that a place teaching mobile development amongst other things
    Cannot pull it off by itself…..

  175. Aadith sasi says:

    I am in love with this …I am really intersted in using this..Anyways great app thanks for sharing

  176. Steve says:

    Still waiting for the android app or the mobile site (I can play vids on my Desire HD, but it’s not ideal). I think everyone here loves your product, but I’ll add my voice to the frustrated (think of the ones that don’t have the time to do that). Opportunities are being missed

    • Nate says:

      I couldn’t agree more. With new competitors popping up everyday, is dropping the ball. PLEASE at least optimize the site for mobile. Its absolutely foolish that a site who’s content focuses on technology wouldn’t have a site I can can use on a Kindle.

  177. Andy says:

    Still nothing? Very disappointed :(

  178. nick says:

    also waiting on an android app. i have a tablet and I’d love to use my laptop or desktop and have the courses running on my android tab. it’s very frustrating that this doesn’t exist yet.

  179. Alex says:

    Why Cant give us a straight answer about when a mobile site/ android app will be released?

    I have resorted to cancelling my subscription and downloading the files from bit torrent so I can watch them on the road.

    Its painfully ironic that a site that teaches people mobile/ app development cant sort out their own!!

    C’mon Lynda……get it together!!

  180. Chelsea Adams, Managing Editor says:

    Great news! The mobile site has landed and can be accessed—in beta form—at!

    In a nutshell, the mobile site is a mobile-optimized version of the full site, tailored for the small screens of mobile devices, that lets you watch all of
    the courses in the training library on the go.

    The mobile site comes equipped with easy-to-browse subject lists, quick access to your course history, and adaptive streaming to deliver the best video experience for your connection. When you visit from your Android phone, iPhone, or iPod touch, you’ll be automatically directed to the public open beta of our mobile site, which is optimized for Android OS 2.0 or later and iOS 3.2 or later.

    Thank you to everyone for their patience! Now that you have the mobile experience in your hands, we would love to know what you think about the site. Just tap on the mobile site feedback link at the bottom of the mobile site and enter your comments.

    - I have a tablet. Should I visit the full site or the mobile site?

    If you’re using on a tablet, we recommend accessing the full site using your tablet’s native browser. This includes iPad, Samsung Galaxy, Xoom, and so on. The mobile site is specially designed for smartphones with screen sizes much smaller than tablets and desktop browsers.

    - Can I access my training on the mobile site?

    Absolutely. After logging in, the home page will show the last course you watched.
    Access all of your settings, including my account and my training, from the drop-down
    menu in the top right corner of any mobile site page.

    - Do I need a membership to use

    No. As with the full site, there are plenty of movies that you can watch for

  181. It’s funny how iPhones are late with technology compared to android and iPhone gets an application but every other device just gets the mobile version… who actually goes to websites in mobile mode… iPhones and iPads. Who has the ability to go full site… androids… seems like Lynda team got this one backward. Good job?

  182. Sam says:

    Thank you Lynda!! It’s great! I’ll be renewing my subscription immediately.

    • Talk about being an obvious employee?

      • Chelsea Adams, Managing Editor says:

        Hi Dan! We are very transparent about our communication and we would never promote our own products under a pseudonym. Are you having a particularly negative experience with the mobile site? The mobile site has been built specifically with Android users in mind—is there any specific element you would like to suggest to improve the experience?

        We really are listening, and we appreciate your feedback.

        — Chelsea Adams, Managing Editor

  183. Mr. Me says:

    I just tried to use the mobile site to watch a video on my Android. No luck. Why don’t you have an Android app that allows a user to cache videos and play them back later while they are on the road? I’m an app developer, and I develop for both Android and iOS. Personally, I use my Android for everything and find it mind boggling how a company like Lynda would build an app for iOS and not Android. Bad Lynda! No! Bad bad Lynda! Why would you just ignore a crowd that big? I will start looking for an alternative to Lynda unless you can get your act together.

  184. Nick Reuter says:

    Any updates on a native Android app? I use this on my tablet to watch training videos while I am on the computer and I am really missing this functionality.

  185. Dalin says:

    I’ve used the mobile site on Androids Chrome browser. It’s…okay. Nothing compared to the iphone App, though. I think most Android users wouldn’t feel like this is a solution to the problem.

    I finally ditched the idea of using it on my phone. Having to login everytime, dealing with pop-ups that are hard to deal with on my 4″ screen, etc. All of that makes it for a less than enjoyable experience.

    Not that you can fix this, but I do have to laugh that I can never get the video to play as I drive by your Ventura offices.

  186. Markus says:

    I have a Kindle Fire HD. I cannot access any Lynda videos. Any news on when I’ll be able to?

  187. Matt says:

    I just got a Kindle Fire HD, and am quite disappointed to learn there is been no progress or communication on this issue for several months. I was hoping to watch the tutorial videos on my Fire as I followed along on my computer, but I guess that won’t be happening. Any feedback on when this is going to be resolved would be highly appreciated. I’m getting tired of Android playing second fiddle to iOS as far as app development is concerned.

  188. Matthew Whetton says:

    Really disappointed that there is still no comms on the android tablet users…was going to get a subscription but probably wont bother now.

    • Chelsea Adams, managing editor says:

      Hi, Matthew,

      If you’re using on a tablet, we recommend accessing the full site using your tablet’s native browser. This includes iPad, Samsung Galaxy, Xoom, Kindle Fire, and so on. The mobile site and app are specially designed for smartphones with screen sizes much smaller than tablets and desktop browsers.

      Your feedback is heard, and appreciated. If you would like to talk to a member of the Customer Service team please feel free to email, or call 1-888-33-LYNDA from 6:00 AM–5:00 PM PT Monday-Friday. If you are calling from outside the United States please use our International number: +1- 805-477-3900.

  189. Davide says:

    Please provide a native Android App like the one available on the iPhone/iPad. There is a huge market for Android users, and you are simply missing out. The mobile sight does not work well on my Galaxy S2, and now that I sold my iPad and bought a Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet, I’m afraid I won’t be able to use this website. You have a service offering amazing content, why should you throw it out away due to lack of presentation support, it’s a great pity and if you find a competitor offering the same service with inferior content but superior presentation compatibility you will simply lose customers (like myself, I’ve been a user for over 1 year paying a monthly subscription).

    Maximize your revenue, and maximize your value, because you do have a lot of value to offer for customers. Make it easy for the customers to retrieve that value, and lead the competition.

  190. D. Vincent says:

    I truly believe that should put the following disclaimer: “Our Videos Do Not Play On Android OS 4.1 or higher,” prominently on its website. The ability to play on such devices is critical to the decision to purchase to some customers, myself included. Yesterday I got a short email passing the buck to Adobe’s discontinuation for flash support. No matter, I have no problem playing lots of videos, including the average Youtube video upload, from lots less savvy content providers. That I cannot play videos from a premiere internet and computer software training company on a top device on the market (I own a Samsung Note II) is a little ironic. At the very least, should look into offering audio version of its video course materials streamable by audio. I feel like a refund on my subscription, which I purchased less than 24 hours ago on 11/29/2012, is in order. It’s the only fair thing to do.

  191. Erich Schreiber says:

    I own a Nexus 7 tablet (Android 4.2.1). I can view videos on the tablet but only on the mobile site, not on the main site and for me there’s no automatically redirection. Anyway the resolution of the videos should/must be improved. It’s not possible to read small text which is essential for most courses. This is not a restriction of the tablet as I can see (technical) YouTube videos in perfect resolution to read screen-captured texts. Then the videos do not display full-screen. There’s an unused border of about 1 inch around. And for now it’s not possible to start the next movie via the ‘next button’. One has to go back to the index and select it from here.


  192. Rajesh says:

    site is pathetic in samsung note 1 – firefox browser.. never expected from such a delivery after so many apps are in market for video tutorials learning.

  193. D.Walters says:

    Yeah, watching videos on my kindle fire sucks. It always flashes “not optimized for mobile” for every video. Not to mention that the A/V is out of sync… Unwatchable.

  194. Rob Stephens says:

    Im trying to access lynda videos on a new samsung galaxy tablet I bought yesterday but I keep getting prompted to download latest version of flash but flash is no longer supported on android and you dont seem to have an adroid app. Please advise as to how I can access the lynda videos on my android tablet?!

    • nef says:

      I experience the same thing. Sucks!

      • Gregory denturck says:

        darn, why not make an android app?
        the web app has crappy video quality
        that’s on a galaxy S4 with HD amoled screen…
        so pixelated I cant even distinguish text on the screen.
        I am often on the go and would reaaaaaally appreciate better video quality on the web app, or better yet a real android app!

        An otherwise satisfied customer

  195. I believe this is among the so much significant information for me. And i’m satisfied studying your article. However should observation on few normal issues, The web site taste is perfect, the articles is in point of fact great : D. Excellent task, cheers

  196. Ron says:

    The video on the mobile site is very very small. You can’t even read the text and whn you zoom in (300%) it is very very pixelated, this is with the video preference set to high. viewed using sgs4, sgnote1 and and sgnote10.1 all videos are really small 480 x x360 on a 1920 x 1080 screen is just horrible

  197. pradip says:

    Hi, Chelsea

    “Clearly true one Question :- Can i play lynda Tutorial Video clearly with text on my Samsung galaxy tablet 2 (310) Android v.4.0 ?”

    Please Please Please reply…..

    Thank you.

  198. Panos Sampokilis says:

    The iPad application works great. Using a galaxy tab 2 10.1 I am really dissapointed to see that besides the fact that there is no app available (even a webview would work fine ) the Mobile website videos are not viewable, the resolution is predefined too low… Bad experience for a member with premium annual subscriptions

  199. Huda says:

    I can’t watch tutorials on my EE Pad. Any clue ?


  200. Dave says:

    Nope. Sure works fine on my nexus 10 until I watch something, when I am given an option of what to stream the minuscule resolution video file. I may have to buy the DVD at this rate, the video streams are less than sub par. Text is plain unreadable.

  201. Andy says:

    I’d love to be able to view the content on my Samsung S3 but when i try and access a video it doesn’t play automatically and when it does the videos a heck of a lot smaller than the screen. IF can sort this out then I would most definately invest in a subscription. The range of tuition i’ve found is much more valuable than i’ve seen elsewhere.

  202. Isaiah says:

    Really disappointed at the poor quality of video on Android phone. Stunned that a company specializing in app development and video presentation has a clanger like this built in to their service. Have paid for an annual premium membership … when renewal time comes around, this is something I’ll be looking at seriously. Other sites have this figured out. Why not

  203. Candace says:

    This is awesome! I use a Kindle, and it’s such a help to be able to take the lessons everywhere I go! Thanks Lynda!

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