Meet the Content Manager for 3D, animation, and video: George Maestri

Published by | Friday, February 12th, 2010

George Maestri, content manager for 3D, animation, and video for

Allow me to introduce myself: My name is George Maestri, and I’m the content manager for 3D, animation, and video for My job is to find great authors in these areas and have them produce and teach courses that our members need.

My background is in animation, and I started my animation career 20 years ago. Back then, learning animation was not an easy task. There were very few books, and only a handful of colleges in the country taught the subject. The technology was primitive, as well. Even the best computers struggled with something as simple as a pencil test, and computers that could do 3D animation cost as much as a house.

Back then, we resorted to pencil, paper, videotape, and film to learn how to animate. I was fortunate to live close to a college which had a good animation program and a giant Oxberry camera stand. While there, I made enough films to get my foot in the door and start my career. Others were not as fortunate, and many had to literally move across the country to learn the craft.

In the intervening years, a technology revolution has made animation much easier, not only in the way it is made, but also the way it is taught. Almost all animation today is created digitally, and just about any modern computer is powerful enough to create high quality animation. The only barrier these days is some talent and the willingness to learn.

This is where technology comes to the rescue again. Instead of having to move across the country to learn animation, the power of the internet allows to bring some of the best teachers of animation to you. I’m a total animation geek, and I’m very happy to bring my laser geek focus to bear on creating great animation courses for both 3D and 2D character animation, as well as special effects, motion graphics, and anywhere else animation is used. Look forward to a lot of great new courses in the coming year, and let me know what kinds of courses you’d like to see.

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7 Responses to “Meet the Content Manager for 3D, animation, and video: George Maestri”

  1. vijay says:

    more cinema 4d videos please :) thanks

  2. Anthony says:

    One of the best 2D animation software apps available today is made by Toon Boom Animation Inc. (Studio, Animate, Animate Pro), but there are no training videos on for either of them. Flash is good, but Toon Boom software is designed from the ground up specifically for 2D animators. Surely there are pros out there willing to showcase their Toon Boom skills. I would love to see them on


  3. Rob says:

    I would like to see training content on Newtek’s Lightwave 3D.

  4. James says:

    Seconded on Toon Boom!

    I’ve just started learning this excellent looking piece of software which has seemingly been a very serious player in the professional animation business for more than a decade. I was sure to find an extensive tutorial database for Toon Boom products at and it comes to me as a surprise there’s nothing!

  5. Thanks for the responses. We’re definitely planning more Cinema 4D content. I’d love to hear thoughts on what areas you’d like us to cover more deeply. Lightwave and Toonboom are also on our radar, and we’re looking at ways to cover those packages as well.


  6. Srdjan says:

    Hello George,

    I have seen lots of tuts here on, great stuff :) but you are outstanding above all by far!

    Just quick question, I have used 3DS Max for 10 years now and planning to do animation seriously (till now only arch visualization) should I learn Maya and shift towards it. I have seen many of yours Max tuts, but in Maya, you don’t have that many. Please try to comment on those as it is important to me.


  7. Ron Knowlton says:

    Hello George,

    I would like to know when you are going to include Newtek’s Lightwave – V9.6 or the latest which is about to be released Lightwave Core 10 ? – this software was used in the making of the film Avatar.


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