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Published by | Thursday, January 28th, 2010

The new Bookmarks feature in the Online Training Library® lets you mark and tag courses, chapters, individual video tutorials, or even specific points in a video in order to find them again later. Click on Bookmarks in the My Training menu to see all the items you’ve bookmarked.

There are options here to view, sort, edit, and navigate your bookmarks. There is now a bookmark icon next to course titles, chapter titles, and individual movie names. Simply click on the bookmark icon once to mark any of these items, and the icon fills in to show that it has been activated.

Add details to your bookmarks by clicking on the arrow next to the bookmark icon. This opens a window in which to add reminders about why you bookmarked the item. For example, you may have marked it because you thought the information was important, or because you didn’t watch the movie yet and want to remind yourself to do so later.

Adding tags makes it easier to sort your bookmarks. Create your own tags using words that remind you of projects, ideas, or other details relating to that course or tutorial. Write each tag separated by spaces, and put multi-word tags in quotes. As you start typing, suggested tags appear that you have the option to choose.

If you wish to add a bookmark at a specific point in a movie, click on the timecode bookmark while you are watching the movie. The bookmark icons will appear in your playback scrubber. Or bookmark the entire movie as you watch by clicking the icons above the timecode bookmarks.

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9 Responses to “New site feature: Bookmarks”

  1. Lee Harper says:

    This is a great feature! I have been hoping that something like this was on its way for a couple of years now, and I really like the way this feature has been implemented.

    The only thing that the Bookmarks functionality lacks is a social aspect. It would be immensely valuable to the community if bookmark collections could be shared. It would be great if all bookmarks associated with a particular tag could be made visible to other subscribers. I envision being able to embed a playlist widget on my blog, to help point people towards the best of your content. It’s something that I will look forward to for the future. However, what you have achieved is a great first step in that direction. Thank you.

  2. Lucas says:

    Nice! I really apreciate this new feature!

  3. Ahmad says:

    This was very useful for me ! Thanks a lot !

  4. Sean D'Souza says:

    Absolutely outstanding feature. I wish I could use this on my own website.

  5. Sean D'Souza says:

    I wish this was around earlier. :) I have to say Wow, but now I have to do all my earlier courses again, just so that I can create these bookmarks and have my notes ready. Saves me having to keep separate notes. Great job all of you at :)

  6. Kwan Khan says:

    Me too.. I wish this was around earlier.
    Thanks… Well Done @ Team

  7. Sean DSouza says:

    Did I miss it? Is there a way to remove the bookmarks or to move them (I’m talking about the time code). Is it possible to remove it?

  8. Garrick says:

    Hi Sean. You can remove any bookmarks you’ve created by going to the Bookmarks section under My Training, finding the bookmark you want to remove, and then clicking the Delete link to the right of it.

  9. Evelyn Toffe says:

    Do I have to have a premium membership to have the bookmarks feature? I reviewed the video and do not show any of the icons on the movie screen or in my course listing.

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