Ten years ago at lynda.com

Published by | Thursday, January 21st, 2010

The lynda.com web site back in February 2000.

Do you remember what you were doing ten years ago?

Ten years ago at lynda.com, we released our new Learning Flash 4 series on three VHS tapes. That made a total of six courses in our store.

The latest discussions on the message board were about After Effects and Illustrator 9.

One of our more popular polls asked web designers what size browser they were designing for (43% said 800 x 600; 1% said Palm Pilot).

Our lab at the Ojai Digital Arts Center sported 20 400mhz iMacs and 10 PCs running Windows 98, with 16 GB and 6 GB hard drives, respectively.

lynda.com had just launched a job board to help companies fill the ever-growing need for web design professionals.

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3 Responses to “Ten years ago at lynda.com”

  1. christoph says:

    Since it’s mentioned in the screenshot, and it’s what I was doing 10 years ago, here’s a link to the Flashforward site from the same time:


    (Gotta love the wayback machine.)

  2. Jan Kabili says:

    I remember. 10 years ago I was teaching the Adobe Web Design Week at lynda.com’s Ojai Digital Arts Center. It was incredibly rewarding for everyone involved-teachers and students.

  3. rand says:

    hello lynda! it’s been ages; just came across this page by accident but am thankful for the good memories. i’m sure ojai has changed a lot since i was there but i’m glad to see that you’re still going strong! best wishes for another 10 years of joy!

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