Learn FX send-return in Pro Tools 8

Published by | Monday, January 18th, 2010

A common way for audio engineers to route effects is via the track’s send output into a common FX return channel. This send-return relationship allows the mixer to share a single effect with multiple tracks, especially ideal for time-based effects like reverb and delay. Plus, it saves on DSP by using fewer plug-ins and sharing effects. Historically, when people wanted to add reverb or echo effects to their mix, they would generally do so by having some sort of echo chamber or a room where they would play a track out of a speaker and then record it at the other end with a microphone.

Using Pro Tools 8 in the studio.

From the course Pro Tools 8: Mixing and Mastering, Brian White shows us how to use this send-return relationship in conjunction with FX in chapter 2, Working with the Pro Tools Mixer > Using sends and creating FX returns. This is a critical skill for Pro Tools users and Brian clearly explains how to master it, including how to best configure the effect plug-in, and how to listen to a preview to make sure the mix is what you want.

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2 Responses to “Learn FX send-return in Pro Tools 8”

  1. Patrick K says:

    I could use some help. I purchased an 003 console about one year ago. It came w/Bomb factory and Protools 8. My long term goals were to run Protools 9 with a windows based computer.
    I finally saved up enough money to buy a computer. I purchased a DellXPS i7CPU w/12GB RAM
    3.8 Ghz. with windows 7. I thought this would be more computer than I needed. Now, I’m wondering if I blew it.

    First off, I needed to install a fire wire connector. The first card I purchased was a 2 port Firewire 400 card. Everything hooked up fine, but the console does not seem to be doing much. I can operate the transport controls and a few other switches, but that is about it. I then purchased a 3 port Firewire 800 card (thinking this might be my problem). The new card required a Firewire 400 to 800 conversion cord. After installing the card, the unit started not responding. I ended up pulling out the 800 card and going back to my 400 (which operates the transport). I’ve been recording, but often the computer stops to tell me I’m running out of CPU space. My 003 is nothing more than a fancy transport control device. I was expecting to see all of the lights and channels respond and light up as I use them.

    Does anyone have experience trying too hook up a PC based computer to an 003 and Protool 8?
    I could sure use some help.
    Thanks PK

    • Chelsea Adams, managing editor says:

      Hey Patrick! David Franz, our lynda.com audio content manager, is going to reach out to you directly by email to offer some help. Thanks for the comment!

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