Author spotlight: James Williamson and Simon Allardice

Published by | Friday, January 8th, 2010

We recently had two new staff authors join and would like to introduce them to you. In addition to the talented Garrick Chow, Dave Rivers, and Jan Kabili, who we count on regularly for their expert content, we have just added James Williamson and Simon Allardice to the team. Welcome!


Left: James Williamson; Right: Simon Allardice.

You might recognize James from any one of his EIGHT Dreamweaver courses already in the library. I caught up with James to see what he was most looking forward to.

“I’m really excited to be on board as a full-time author,” James told me. “To be honest, I’m probably most excited about the opportunity to take my titles further and go into projects in more detail.  I’m always very interested in teaching WHY we do things, in addition to HOW. I think understanding the ‘why we do this’ can make people better designers.”

I asked veteran language coder Simon Allardice the same question.

“The feedback from my recent iPhone SDK course has been fantastic—and everyone wants more!” he replied. “So it wouldn’t surprise me if more advanced SDK titles appeared on the horizon. But you won’t see me being just ‘the iPhone SDK guy’; expect a lot of different subjects. Sure, they’ll all skew to the technical side, but I love jumping between technologies. Apple to Microsoft to Linux, iPhone to SharePoint to .NET, it’s all good. I’m a sucker for a new device, piece of software, or system, and always interested in finding the quickest way to learn and teach it. If I’m feeling generous, I’ll say I’m a renaissance geek; it’s entirely possible I just have a really short attention span.”

We look forward to lots of great training from these two valued additions to our team, and hope you all enjoy!

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6 Responses to “Author spotlight: James Williamson and Simon Allardice”

  1. Garrick says:

    Welcome James and Simon! I’m looking forward to learning and plagiarizing a lot from both of you!

  2. james says:

    Welcome James and Simon! I’m looking forward to learning and plagiarizing a lot from both of you! Thanks Garrick!

  3. Chris says:

    Congrats, James!

  4. ikram says:

    Dear william i need you email address to contact you.
    Thank you

    • Chelsea Adams, managing editor says:

      Hi, Ikram,

      We don’t offer personal email addresses for authors, but you can feel free to write to James directly through the comments section of this blog post.

  5. Praneeth says:

    You guys doing good and I really thanks for lecture in


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