Last minute holiday gift idea: Give the gift of knowledge

Published by | Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009 thinks that would be a pretty cool holiday gift idea for the creative types in your life, and while we might have a bit of a bias, we agree.

Here are a few reasons to give the gift of this year at the holidays:

You know someone who is getting a new digital camera this year. Check out the hours and hours of digital photography and camera RAW courses in the Online Training Library®.

You would like to build a basic photo-sharing website so that your friends and family can all see photos you took of your Christmas tree, Menorah, hand-knitted reindeer sweater, or all of the snow our friends on the East Coast have been getting. iWeb ’09 Essential Training will help get your photo site built in an afternoon.

Instead of sending a written card to everyone this year, you’d like to try your hand at an animated Flash card like Chris Georgenes does every year. (How cute is this?!?) Flash CS4 Professional Tools for Character Animation and Flash CS3 Animation Secrets are a great way to get started on your own.

You got married and want to explore your family trees together. Growing and Sharing Your Family Tree is an ideal course to help get started researching and organizing who you are related to.

You’d like to share the love (and sell some of the junk stuff you got for the holidays last year), while making a little pocket money for yourself. One of our latest titles, Product Photography for E-Commerce, will give you at least a fighting chance to sell off those footie-pajamas and over-sized plaid pants you got from your grandma last year.

You’d like to help your mom start a cooking blog of all her yummy holiday recipes. 2.7 Essential Training is five hours of everything you need to know to get her sugar cookies and brown bread recipe online and shared with the world.

So, yes, we’re a little biased, but we know from experience that there are hundreds of reasons not to want to go to the mall this time of year: The long wait in lines, not knowing your giftees’ clothing sizes, fighting traffic, catching colds from strangers. There are also a lot of reasons that a gift subscription to is a great option for many on your gift list. Visit the Gift Center today and give the gift of knowledge.

Happy Holidays from all of us!

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3 Responses to “Last minute holiday gift idea: Give the gift of knowledge”

  1. melissa porterfield says:

    I’ve loved learning from all the great stuff on, and now I even have more things to learn from your website! Thanks for the great ideas! Now I want to learn how to make my own web page and how to build my family tree! Awesome. Also, thanks for the idea of giving a subscription as a gift…I couldn’t think of anything my mother would like that she doesn’t already have!! Thank you! She’s going to love it!

  2. megan says:

    Thanks Melissa! Glad you have been enjoying the training! Hope your mom enjoys it as well! :)

  3. Shakia Ramaker says:

    Have you ever thought of adding additional videos to your blog to keep the viewers more involved? I just read through the whole post and it was quite nice but since I learn visually, I find videos to be very helpful. I dig what you guys are always up too. Keep up the good work. I will visit your site regularly for some of the latest post.

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