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Published by | Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009

Many of you know as a great place for creative training, but did you also know we are as good at business training? We’ve taken our successful approach with video instructional films and applied the same teaching approaches to Microsoft Office 2007, with the release of a number of courses for Excel 2007, including:

Excel 2007 Power Shortcuts is filled with useful tips for anyone who uses Excel to track projects, create spreadsheets, or build forms.
Excel 2007: Introduction to Formulas and Functions: This is a great course to take if you aren’t comfortable working with formulas, but want to expand what you can do in Excel.
Excel 2007: Advanced Formulas and Functions (intro above): Demystifies some of the most challenging of the 300+ formulas and functions in Excel and shows how to put them to their best use.
Excel 2007: Pivot Tables for Data Analysis: If Pivot Tables make you nervous, this course will help you conquer this fear quickly and painlessly.

We’ve got our Office 2008 for Mac users covered, too:
Excel 2008 for Mac: Pivot Tables for Data Analysis: See how to create Pivot Table reports from internal Excel data and outside data sources.
Office 2008 for Mac: Small Business Projects: Create documents that every business needs: business cards, letterhead, contact records, and invoices.

We hope these courses help you get your job done faster and better than before. And stay tuned for more – we have big plans to grow our business content. And as always, we welcome your feedback and suggestions for courses!

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