Jen Kramer, CMS content, and fake hamburgers

Published by | Monday, November 9th, 2009

Jen Kramer is awesome. She is the queen of Joomla!, her first book is rapidly approaching completion, she plays a mean flute, and she’s in town recording a couple of really cool CMS courses for (CMS Website Strategy and Planning, and Preparing CMS Web Graphics and Layouts Using Open Source). Hooray for more Jen Kramer content! We took her to lunch at a local vegan/raw restaurant on Friday, because we wanted to give her the “Southern California Experience”—and because we think it’s yummy. Looking forward to your next visit out here, Jen!


Jen and her organic and vegan "hamburger," Producer Samara Iodice, Author Relations Manager Megan, and the fantastic Jen Kramer at a Mary's Secret Garden in Ventura, CA.

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5 Responses to “Jen Kramer, CMS content, and fake hamburgers”

  1. Jen Kramer says:

    You mean “ Producer Extraordinaire Samara Iodice and Totally Awesome Author Relations Manager RadMegan! :-) Can’t wait for my next visit — thanks so much to both of you for a great week and two tremendous titles out soon!


  2. megan says:

    Ha! That’s EXACTLY what I meant, and funny that you should remember both of our titles with such precision! :) Looking forward to your next visit out here! What “California” thing should we experience next?

  3. Samara Iodice says:

    Jen Kramer…you are an absolute joy to work with and I miss you already! I’m very excited about these two titles because they’ll be a wonderful way to expose the audience to some incredible tools that are part of the open source movement. Plus, these titles are sure to be a little different from what our subscribers are used to seeing, and it should be quite a pleasant surprise.

  4. Jean Boucher says:

    Can’t find that title “CMS Website Strategy and Planning”, on; is it released yet?

  5. megan says:

    Not just yet Jean. It should be out within a couple of months if all goes according to plan. The best I can give you now is a “coming soon” :) Thanks for checking in! We are all very excited about this course too!

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