courses now compatible with the iPhone

Published by | Monday, November 2nd, 2009 on the iphoneYou asked for it, and it’s finally here: videos are now iPhone and iPod Touch compatible.

All of our 2009 courses are already iPhone watchable, and we’ve got numerous servers munching away on 2008 courses, which will be available soon. And yes, we even have an iPhone app in the works, with a planned launch in early 2010.

Let us know what you think!

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35 Responses to “ courses now compatible with the iPhone”

  1. Keith says:

    HUZZAH!! This is perfect! Now I’ll be able to squeeze in a few lessons when I’m “between.” It also probably means I’ll lose sleep watching a few late into the night!

    Thank you for once again providing amazing customer service!


  2. marliton says:

    It’s great! Thanks so much! Now I can se the videos anywhere.

  3. caesar o says:

    WOOOOOW !!! I switched to iphone this summer hopeing for this to happen !!! AND HERE WE GO !!! THANKS MUCH !!! :))

  4. Lillian says:

    Cool. I look forward to the actual app also as I’m sure it’ll have functionality that makes for a rich learning experience. It’s great to see websites like thinking forward.

  5. Cris Kober says:

    I can’t wait for the iPhone App! is going to be taken along everywhere I go. That sounds a little too geeky, but what is better to do than learn when you have down time waiting for the train, or at the doctors office… Love it! in my pocket, yeah!

  6. Mark Roberts says:

    Excellent news – can someone at confirm whether the videos will work over 3G, or will they require a wireless connection?

  7. Max Smith says:

    Hi Mark. I’m one of the producers at

    I’m happy to say that the movies work just fine on a 3G or on a wireless connection!

  8. sebastienb says:

    awesome!!! now i’lll be able to keep taking lessons while away from my computer.

  9. Todd says:

    Awesome awesome Lynda

  10. Matthew Shelley says:

    Fantastic!!! Very excited about this update… Now I can get my “learning on” everywhere AT&T works ;)

    And the iPhone app :) :) :) I am already looking forward to it, keep up the fantastic work!!!

  11. Bodie Quirk says:


    Thank you for listening to your customers and delivering big time!! This is yet another good example of why you are simply the best video training provider on the planet…you provide!

    SO EXCITED for the App.

    Thanks for the update


  12. Paulie says:

    It’s here! And faster than you promised, I heard December. This is great… New 24-70mm lens last week for my 5DMarkII,’s CS4 videos this week. It’s all good!!

  13. Ahmed says:

    Great news. It would be even better if we can store them and watch them on the go.

    Thanks anyway.

  14. Von says:

    I’m a long-time subscriber, and I have to agree that being able to download and store videos would really add to the value of my subscription. I pay by the GB at home, and my 3G connection is pretty slow (I’m out in the boonies).

    Even without the iPhone (which I’m getting), being able to download and store vids would help me get way better use out of my subscription. I would be fine with an expirey period too, of say 2 or 3 days. Just enough to get me though a bunch of lessons before I needed to do a huge download again.

    Yes, I do realize I can pay an extra $99 to buy DVDs, but that’s so not a realistic option for me.


  15. Jason says:

    Thats wicked, I converted my small vid collection to mpeg4, it took weeks… It must have been a mammoth task doing all you’re tutorials… Thanks

  16. Very nice.

    How soon before you also make available all your tutorials via Flash Video :: now that, will have significant mass appeal.

    Keep up the good work.

  17. Max Smith says:

    Hi Ed,

    This is Max again from earlier in the comment stream. I’m a producer at

    How soon will we have our tutorials available in Flash? Try TODAY! The same courses that are iPhone compatible are available as Flash videos as well. Just choose your course, click on the Course Preferences tab, and choose the Flash Beta Player preference.

    It’s just a course-by-course preference for now, but the future holds some very cool stuff.

  18. Mick says:

    Great news and especially looking forward to an app!

  19. Dannie says:

    How about posting this somewhere on the website. I learn about this now?! How long have they worked on an iPhone?

  20. Crystal says:

    Hi Dannie – It’s only been a couple of days since we announced iPhone compatibility. Soon we’ll be rolling out a new attribute on the site that lists and explains new features as they happen on

  21. Bill says:

    This is GREAT. Early 2010 – Jan 2nd? Hurry Please.


  22. Chris says:

    Dreams *do* come true! Thanks!

    ..grabs iPhone..

  23. Chris says:

    Bummer there’s no way to progress from one video to the next without going back to the navigation list. That really chops up the learning experience. Hopefully that’s a problem that will be solved with the upcoming iPhone app? (Which, BTW, makes 2010 seem so far away…)

  24. Nick Ballinger says:

    This is GREAT news. I’ve been eagerly awaiting this. I hope the last left off works…I’m just about to try. You might want to announce clearly that these vids are access through the website within the iphone’s safari browser, NOT a downloadable, no-internet-connection_available option. I was hoping for this, but I understand why with your subscription based model, DRM, and assumption that purchases and rentals with the iTunes store is not beneficial or in line with your business plan.

  25. Jan Kabili says:

    How great is this! Kudos to everyone at who made this happen.

  26. Reido113 says:

    Finally :)

    Now I can renew my subscription.
    (maybe I’ll wait for the app though?)

  27. Publi-Script says:

    I must agree that being able to “checkout” courses and not having to rely on the availability or download quotas related to our “network” usage would be a definite plus.

    I also cannot wait for the iPhone app to come out as I am sure it will make our experience with more palatable on this smaller screen format.

    Any scoop on what this application will cost?

  28. Frank Z says:

    Would be nice to have the iPhone style pages as well… Navigation is tough without them. This is great news nonetheless!

  29. @Acronius says:

    Ok… you just made my day XD

  30. tom says:

    This will be perfect!!! Just got a gift subscription…can’t wait to try it out!

  31. Bill says:

    When is the ETA for the iPhone app

  32. Tor Steinheim says:

    Please make one for the upcoming iPad also.
    I believe that iPad is perfect for the task.
    And it has enough screen size to make the layout and menus look and perform beautifully.

  33. mike murray says:

    I didn’t see any answers here.
    When is the lynda app for iPhone going to
    be released?

  34. The most I can tell you officially about the iPhone App right now is “soon”!

  35. Phil says:

    And android???

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