Contribute to our history: How has impacted your life?

Published by | Thursday, October 29th, 2009

Top left: circa 1996. Top right: in 2000. The logo first hit the site in late 1997. Lower left: in 2005. Lower right: The web site for Lynda and Bruce's school, The Ojai Digital Arts Center, circa 1998.

The URL is going on 15 years old, and we’ve been through a lot of iterations and adventures. We’re putting together a history section on that documents our path from our humble beginnings to where we are today. Do you have a story about how has impacted your life? Pictures of you with past books, classes with Lynda or Bruce, events, Flashforward, etc? Were you a member of Lynda’s early web designer mailing list? Send your stories and pictures to if you want to share!

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7 Responses to “Contribute to our history: How has impacted your life?”

  1. megan says:

    SUCH a great idea! We internally called the website “Jacques Cousteau” when I first started working here, because of the blue wavy header! I’m SO looking forward to seeing the photos, and hearing the stories from others :)

  2. Chris @ eQuixotic says:

    I’ve been a longtime user and frankly it’s my favorite online learning – bar none. I have had some major gripes about the navigation of the courses in the past, which has been mostly fixed (finally!) in the most recent iteration. There’s still room for improvement, of course.

    I’m still yearning for iPhone-accessible content. That would really make a subscription a must-have instead of a nice-to-have.

    I have my workgroup on a group subscription and everyone is really enjoying and benefitting from the content.

    Keep up the great work! (And keep making things better!)


  3. Hannah says:

    I have been taking a computer graphics class this semester, and, frankly, the class is downright painful. Few of us have ever used the Adobe CS4 Creative Suite in our lives, and our lack of knowledge brought down our grades. Our teacher did not bother to tell us the difference between raster and vector graphics until weeks into the class, she didn’t explain terms before she started using them, and the textbooks that she told us to read did not enlighten us at all.

    When I began, in desperation, watching videos on, I learned more in a few hours here than I had in my weeks of class. I am now ahead of the class and I am even beginning to watch videos on programs that my class does not cover, like Dreamweaver and Flash (trying to get ahead for next year!). saved my grade. I’ve learned so much!

    The only gripe that I have is how expensive the subscription is. I was never willing to test it out for $25, and it was only when I got a free 30 day trial that I was able to see what exactly had to offer. As a college student, $25 a month is hard to come by, especially when I’m not even sure how much time I’ll have in that month to watch the videos. I think it would be great if there was a student discount of some kind to help us out.

    Other than that, I love this website!! Thanks so much for making these videos available to us!

  4. I Love You probably hear that a lot, but I mean it with all my heart. Your online tutorials and willingness to share knowledge at at price point anyone can afford is wonderful. I taught digital arts at a community college and the first class and every class I mentioned Anyone who looks at my work and compliments the technical aspects I say thank you and refer them to
    I have been in the graphics arts industry since pre-mouse. Where as many of my creative associates were left behind in a heap of border tape and clogged rapidiograph pens, paved a path of learning with the most current and up to date information available. Which made moving creatively into this digital era possible for me.
    Thank you Lynda Weinman and all the great instructors that have taught this old dog all the new tricks.

  5. Barbara Brackett says:

    I absolutely love I am 71 years old and love learning how to use such a great variety of programs. I am becoming quite proficient with Excel and was really happy to see that I could learn Open Office as that is what I am switching to. I am learning so much and that fact that I can go back and watch the lessons over and over again is just the best. Thank you so much for this site and for the affordability of it.

  6. Jan Kabili says:

    I’d love to hear from alumni of the Ojai Digital Arts Center, where we taught live Adobe Web Design Week, Macromedia Web Design Week, and more. It was such an intense experience for students and for us instructors too. Let us know whether you’re still using the skills you learned there.

  7. Moontaha Alam says:

    Hi … damn I just luv these tutorials… salute to you ppl … I have taken the Flash CS4 and MX2004, dreamweaver CS4, Web-CSS-Java fundamental tutorials and believe me … no other tutorial didn’t give me so effective and deep learning and skill …

    Specially My heartiest thanks goes to Eric Meyer, James Williamson, Bill Weinman (The Jazzabell guy!! I wonder where is he?) and last but not least Paul Trani … I have become fan of each of them … can’t wait for upcoming upgrades anymore !!! I am also dreaming of becoming the first Adobe certified trainer in my country (Bangladesh) which I couldn’t imagine even a few (frustrating) years ago … Videos are really so easy … the “behind the scenes” activities must be very hard for for you to manage … They are just flawless …

    Just one request … Please can you reduce the price a little bit ??? There are a lot other people like me … awaiting to devour your tutorials … honestly … Thanks a million times to all of you … God bless you …

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