Hello from the new Content Manager for Photography: Jim Heid

Published by | Wednesday, October 7th, 2009
Meet Jim Heid, lynda.com's Content Manager for Photography

Meet Jim Heid, lynda.com's Content Manager for Photography

Smile, everybody! I’m Jim Heid, the new Content Manager for photography here at lynda.com.

Some of you may recognize my name from the pages of Macworld magazine, where I’ve been writing since the dawn of time. Or you might know me from my The Macintosh iLife series of books on Apple’s iLife suite. A handful of you might even be familiar with my photos on Flickr.

At lynda.com, my job is to help plan our photography-related courses. And we’ll be offering a lot more in the future. Of course, you’ll see new courses on Photoshop, Lightroom, Aperture, and other essential digital imaging tools. But you’ll also see courses on photographic technique: Lighting, composition, lenses, and more.

For anyone who loves photography, this is a great time to be alive. Cameras, lenses, and imaging software have never been better. But at least as important, the Internet has given each of us a global audience, a way to inspire and be inspired. At lynda.com, we’ll be taking advantage of this revolution in imaging, too.

You’ll be hearing from me frequently here on the lynda.com blog. In the meantime, I’d love your comments containing suggestions on the types of photography courses you’d like to see.

In 1944, Popular Photography magazine ran an article containing predictions for the future of photography. Among them:

  • “It is possible to perfect the camera to the point where it will become an automatic instrument which will focus, expose, and process the film by the mere push of a button.”
  • “I should like to see [the camera] develop until it takes its place with the pencil and the typewriter as an instrument of our everyday language.”
  • “Networks will make it possible for everyone in the world to see pictures of news events at the same time.”

Welcome to the future.

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17 Responses to “Hello from the new Content Manager for Photography: Jim Heid”

  1. Hi Jim, and congratulations on your new gig!

    Would be nice to see *some* of your face though. ;-)


  2. We welcome your expertise on both photography and macs. Could you do something on Photomatix? I think HDR photography is a direction many of us want to go.

  3. Joe Randeen says:

    Congrats Jim – looking forward to reading your blog.

    Suggestion: Some assignments would be great, something we can all do together and see what comes of it. Hope I’m making sense. Ex. Suggest a word or object and we, the readers, interpret via photography. (“right”, “falling”, “joy”, “sand”, etc.)

    Also, it would be great to have tutorials matched with photographs, i.e. How Did They Do That?

    Have fun – JR

  4. Amy Campbell says:

    Great gig. Looks like a great fit. Looking forward to all things Jim and Lynda…

  5. Jan Kabili says:

    A big welcome to lynda.com Jim!

  6. RODNEY JONK says:

    what’s new with photomatrix pro? will you be doing anything with this program?

  7. Lee Harper says:

    Fantastic news!

    I would really love to see you collaborate with David Hobby (strobist.com) on some training titles related to the use of off-camera flash.

    I think that it would also be really useful if lynda.com were to develop some short videos about Photoshop plugins – e.g., a Noise-reduction title discussing Noise Ninja, Neat Image, Noiseware, etc.

    Finally, not all of us use Adobe Camera Raw for our raw conversion. How about titles for DxO Optics Pro, Capture One, etc…

  8. Grac Donarski says:

    I gotta agree with Lee here. Please, consider making a training for Capture One Pro. There is hardly any videos except some basic stuff from Phase One. This is such a magnificent software. I’m sure many of us would like to discover some more advanced techniques and going through manual is not that entertaining. Thanks and have fun in your new job.

  9. Adam says:

    I too would love to have Capture One software courses available! Please Please Please!

  10. Josh says:

    Capture One Pro training would be fantastic! Please consider adding this to your great list of courses.

  11. Pinelope says:

    Yes pls we would like training on Capture One Pro, pls, pls pls
    that would be fantastic.

  12. Michelle Sutherland says:

    Ditto on:

    …Could you do something on HDR/Photomatix?

  13. RODNEY JONK says:

    when are you coming to NCMUG?

  14. Mark says:

    Jim, it would be great to do a tutorial on how to shoot a wedding or a portrait session and all the equipment that would be required to do so. Thanks.


  15. Jeff says:

    Photomatix… HDR… please!

  16. John Thomas says:

    I too would like to see Photomatrix covered, along with Topaz plugins. Some good lighting courses like David Hobby’s Strobist.

  17. Mary Matheson says:

    I would also like to see something done on photomatix HDR.

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