Joomla! instructor Jen Kramer has first book due out early next year

Published by | Monday, September 14th, 2009 Joomla! instructor Jen Kramer Joomla! instructor Jen Kramer is in the midst of writing her first book.

Talented Joomla! instructor Jen Kramer is in the midst of writing her first book, entitled Joomla! Start to Finish: How to Plan, Execute, and Maintain Your Website which is available now as an pre-order. Congrats Jen!

We’ve been enjoying her blog posts and tweets that have been keeping us looped into the Joomla! world, and now her book-writing experiences. It’s a much longer process than recording a training course, and she’s doing a beautiful job of it. When I asked about the differences between book writing and video training, she had this to say:

“In a movie, I have to think carefully about a single example and the flow of one task to another. Personally, I don’t need a lot of notes—I can wax poetic about Joomla off the top of my head.

“In the book, I spend much more time explaining screens, because I can’t necessarily show how they work the way you can in a movie. There is much more to say and explain in a book, little things that I might normally talk about in a movie, or not even say, just do.

“I’m trying to make this book much more than the usual ‘click here’ type of book. So many technical books explain how to complete certain tasks, but they never explain why you’re doing what you’re doing. My movies are popular, I think, because I took the time to explain certain error messages you might get (and what you did wrong to get them), why you might want to do one thing over another, and certain ways to enhance your Joomla site that really bring value to the final product, not necessarily just because you can do them.”

For more from Jen, be sure to check out her blog and tweets.

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7 Responses to “ Joomla! instructor Jen Kramer has first book due out early next year”

  1. Some very useful training movies on Joomla made by her here on Very well explained.

  2. megan says:

    Glad you like them too! :)

  3. Jen Kramer says:

    Thank you, Web Design Constanta! I am so happy you found the movies helpful. I’m recording two more movies in the near future — watch for them!


  4. Mark Madison says:

    Best wishes to my mentor and friend. You’ve earned your success.

    I’m about to develop a restaurant site in Joomla! with a design by Anne Campbell and I’m going to follow Jen’s tutorial step by step to make my custom template. I can’t wait.

    All the best, Jen.


  5. willie clayton says:

    What is the date the Joomla book will be out from Jen Kramer?

  6. Jen Kramer says:

    Hi Willie — says Feb. 2. You can order it here:


  7. Joomla Websites Developer says:

    I want to be known about the date of book out.

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