author news: dinners, unicycles, Photoshop, InDesign, Twitter, Facebook, and more

Published by | Friday, August 14th, 2009

Top group dinner shot, left to right: Some of the production team, Andy Ta, Roon Tamuli, Nick Brazzi, Samara Iodice, Max Smith, and Andrew Geibel. Then it's Ian Robinson (author), Megan Read (me), Nigel French (author), and Nigel's friend. Center unicycle shots: the first and second photos are the multitalented author Ian Robinson, third photo is our own Nick Brazzi. Bottom group shot, left to right: Max, Nick, Deke McClelland (author), me, Robbie Carman (author).

Over the last two weeks, we’ve had authors from all over the place in our recording booths. Ian Robinson from Virginia was in-house recording some eye-catching new Motion 4 training, Nigel French was here all the way from the UK recording an interesting new InDesign typography course, and Michael Ninness was here from Seattle recording the must-see InDesign Power Shortcuts.

This week is another busy one at! We’ve got Robbie Carman also from Virginia recording some brand spankin’ new Color 1.5 training, Anne-Marie Concepción in from Illinois recording a cool new course about marketing your business with Twitter and Facebook, and of course, Deke McClelland from Colorado recording handfuls of must-see Photoshop training.

Our authors are all hard-working professionals, but occasionally, they get to let their hair down at a nice dinner with their lynda-peeps, or let off some steam with a fun Friday lunch playing on unicycles in the parking lot. Yes, there are actually quite a few unicyclers here at!

Enjoy the pix, and as always, the training!

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2 Responses to “ author news: dinners, unicycles, Photoshop, InDesign, Twitter, Facebook, and more”

  1. Now, Megan, be sure to set your Facebook Page to automatically import your blog posts as Notes to go out to your page’s fans; and you might want to Tweet that you just wrote this blog post with a custom short URL to help you w/Twitter analytics.

    Just sayin’.

  2. megan says:

    Oooooh Great tip Anne-Marie! Thanks!

    I’ll set that up in Facebook. I did Tweet about the blog post, but not with a custom URL! I still have so much to learn from ya! Looking forward to your course on Marketing with Twitter/Facebook. and *ahem* NEXT time you are in town, we are going to dinner together missy! Even if we have to bring the dinner party to your recording booth! :^)

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